The Nate-o Giveaway

Watch the video clips to see and hear Nate explain the contest in his own words.

Best “combiskation” of a pressure flip or any pressure flip “combiskation” wins. Only 100 of these decks were made—hot shit for eBay.

Send your footage to Quicktime only. Deadline is two weeks—Oct. 14.

Funniest captions for last week’s contest featuring the funny photo of Darrell Stanton and Bjorn Johnston:

“‘Surreal Life’ stars Flava Flav and Jordan Knight kickin’ it during the ill-fated Public Enemy/New Kids ’92 tour.”—Justin Stillman

“Beer helping men get laid….hopefully by women not by each other.”—Derek Jesmer

“I see white people.”—Chris Clements

Swag packages are in the mail and special thanks to Darrell and Bjorn for being good sports and Boosh for providing the evidence.