The Other Mike Carroll Interview

We get some pretty weird stuff in the mail. Once we got an inflatable lamb for use by lonely gents. Another time someone sent us a TransWorld board game they’d invented (which was Monopoly with the properties renamed). Then there are the 200 or so letters per month we receive from prisons around the country. which are usually full of propaganda about the right path in life. Once one of the prisoners even sent a “What Would Jesus Do?” bracelet. Can you believe it? So we weren’t the least bit surprised when a micro-cassette tape carefully wrapped in Hello Kitty packaging showed up in our mailbox. The tape was marked “The Other Mike Carroll Interview.”

Interested, we started listening, and after bringing in a skateboard-industry voice authenticator we determined the interview to be real and valid. On the tape Rick Howard and an unidentified interviewer asked Mike the crucial questions about living the stressful life of a famous pro. Mike’s answers seemed a bit askew, but hey, he’s a pro, what do you expect? His voice seemed a bit high, too, but the authenticator assured us it was, in fact, the one and only Mike Carroll-“Bubble,” to his friends The following is an exact reproduction of the conversation, which is believed to have occurred somewhere in Southern California sometime in the beginning of 1999. Enjoy. – TWS edit staff

Rick Howard: We’re sittin’ here with Mike Carroll. All right, Mike, let’s start off with the basics for the kiddies. When did you first turn pro?

Mike Carroll: In a surprisingly high voice I think it was 1990. Was it? Yeah, it was.

Where was that?

In San Francisco?

Rick laughs No it wasn’t.

Unidentified interviewer: San Jose.

San Jose, that’s right.

How was that whole experience?

It was exciting. I’ll never forget that day.

Unidentified interviewer: Did it hurt when you dislocated your knee that day?

No, it didn’t hurt, ’cause I’ve dislocated my shoulder, too. It’s nothing.

How’d you do?

In the contest?

Uh huh.

I got first.

You got first? That’s pretty good.


You weren’t nervous or anything?

No, I’ve never been nervous.

That’s a good trait to have.

I’m a pretty confident guy.

a burst of laughter from Rick, Mike, and the unidentified interviewer

All right, cool, glad to hear it. They won’t fall for that.

Unidentified interviewer: What’s wrong with your voice right now?

I have a cold because all I do is skate. I have obstacles, I have a U-Haul that I bought, and I use it to take my obstacles over to a Vons parking lot, and I just skate all night. It’s cold out and misty, so I always have colds. But I just gotta do what I gotta do.

Unidentified interviewer: What’s that book you’re reading?

It’s called Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

muffled laughter

What’s that all about?

Oh, I had a little problem with worrying about things, but it’s all over now.

Unidentified interviewer: Hey, I have the same book.

Mike laughs Oh yeah? pauses So, I’m on to sweatin’ the big stuff. I’m on to bigger and better things.

What kind of tricks do you do at the Vons parking lot at night?

Um, I don’t really want to say the names of them, but I do ’em all switch.

Just give us one.

Um …

Unidentified interviewer: What about the Howard flip you’ve been talking about?

I can’t do it. Plus you’ve got to roll your ankle and get a cast after you do it.

Did you know that Rodney Mullen skates at a Vons, too.

No, but that’s all the more incentive for me to do it.

It wouldn’t be the same Vons, would it?

No, he actually skates at a Ralphs.

Oh, Ralphs, right.

Yeah, I’m Vons all the way.

Who started that trend? You or …

No, me. Me.

So, is parking-lot skating taking off?

Once they hear this it’ll take off, ’cause if I do it, everyone does it.

Unidentified interview laughs loudly

That’s pretty cocky.

Confident. Don’t mix the two up.

Some people get confused and think your confidence comes across as being cocky. What do you want to say about tthat?

I can’t … the recorder shuts off then turns back on

What kind of tricks have you invented?

Do you want me to start with all the early ones?

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