The Proof Is In The Pudding
Jordan Hoffart Interview

Photos by Deville

Words by Blair Alley

With the deadline for Powell‘s new video FUN! looming, Jordan Hoffart has been putting down some serious stunts. He sent over a batch of photos (below) AND sent down the makes on video (even further below)! So as a throw back to an article we used to run on the pages of TWS, here’s a piping hot interview with Jordan Hoffart. The proof is in the pudding.

Jordanian Tomlinson.

What up Blair, how you doin'?

You knew it was me? You got TransWorld's number on your caller ID?

Yeah, I kind of figured.

What are you doing up early?

Had breakfast with my mom actually.

You up in Vancouver?

Yeah, just until Friday.

I got a good idea for this interview, do you remember when TransWorld did those Proof Is In The Pudding articles? There'd be a bunch of pages of stills, then at the end they'd have the video grab sequence of the make.


I think that's how we should lay this one out.

Sure, that sounds dope. So I have this friend of mine, this has nothing to do with my interview, but he plays rugby for the Canadian National team. He used to skate back in the day and he came skating with me yesterday and he can still do crooked grind shove-its. So we did this trick tip.

Is he all buff?

Yeah, he's like 230 [laughs]. I was gonna send it to you just to see what you thought, because it's supposed to be a joke. I was like crying editing it.

I'm down. So are the tricks in this interview some of your bangers for the Powell video?

I wouldn't say they're my enders for the Powell video. I've been finished with my part for a while. I had a lot of footage.

When's the video coming out?

Well, I heard that Stacy Peralta might be doing our intros, I don't know. Everyone's done. We're not trying to make an hour long video.

Who's gonna have gnarly parts?

Josh Hawkins is definitely gonna have a gnarly part. Derek Elmendorf, will probably have the gnarliest. Hopefully my part will be okay.

You going pro after the video comes out?

That's the intention. It'd be nice. I guess if we feel that I deserve it. I don't know.

I'd say you do. I'd vouch for you.

Thanks buddy [laughs]. It's just been a while since I've had a video part, so we want it to have some impact, you know? And then Aldrin Garcia is gonna have a banger part.

When are you gonna premiere it?

We're looking to do that around tradeshow (late January, 2009). We're gonna do one in San Diego because Aldrin and Derek are from there. We're gonna do on in L.A., one on the East Coast, and one in Vancouver because that's where I'm from. And hopefully Arizona, too. Just to stoke out all the riders because we're all over the map, so we'd like to have one in everyone's areas.

Cool, I think that's good enough. Don't want the people to have to scroll too far down on a page.

Yeah, for sure. I read Mike V.'s thing (Hometown), that was dope. And all that footage from '85, jumping off the hood of cars was nice.

You gonna be at the Active Am this weekend?

Yeah, I'll be there. See you Saturday.