The Redbull Bash At The Playboy Mansion

Leaving the offices of TransWorld on Friday I was told that I was one of the lucky 300 people who would be attending the Redbull party at the Playboy Mansion. At that instant I felt like Charlie from Willy Wonka and I had just got the golden ticket to visit the chocolate factory! But this was even better! Damn, was I excited, and as luck would have it I contracted a weird flu-virus two days before. Was it too much to ask to go to the Playboy Mansion feeling healthy? I guess so, but I didn’t care. I don’t think any kind of sickness would’ve kept me from going. I was going to make the best of this opportunity no matter what!

Here are my recollections from the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed going!

Everyone in the shuttle quieted down as we drove up to the Mansion. Ours eyes widened like we were passing through the pearl gates of Heaven, and Mr. Hugh Heffner was our God for the day! I first noticed the sign that read Playmates At Play. If only my dad knew where I was right then, I’m sure he would’ve been proud. Everyone had heard of the legendary parties that take place here, and the fact that I was at a party at the Playboy Mansion was just boggled my mind. My head was overwhelmed with thoughts of scantily dressed bunnies running around in lingerie and bikinis, and all of them wanting to talk with me. Yeah, wishful thinking, but as we walked in I would find that some of these wishes would come true.

As the shuttle came to a stop I found myself dashing to get off the bus. Usually in situations like this I’ll wait for everyone to exit, and then I’ll walk out last. Not this time! I was off and running with the first stop being the open bar. There I was introduced to my good friend, Mr. Long Island. With only four hours to go, I believe we all had the same idea.

Beautiful women were everywhere! In an eye’s glance you could see them playing volleyball, swimming, tanning, and jumping on the trampoline. I should add that they were dressed to perfection in colorful, yet revealing bikinis. Their voices were so soft spoken and some had the most alluring accents to go along.

Luckily enough I noticed Pamela Anderson before everyone else did! She looked stunning! Beautiful eyes, soft skin, and a perfect body. I guarantee no Photo Shopping is necessary after her photo shoots. She was so sweet, allowing me a few photos, and we even had a short conversation about Ohio. Before you could blink an eye though, sweet Pamela became swamped by a heard of photo seeking fans. It was nice to see her take time for everyone; I don’t think she had more than five minutes to herself the whole time she was there. But then again, she has access to the Mansion whenever she wants (well, I can only assume she does).

I ended up meeting the head bartender, Roger, as he was on his break. He told me that he has been doing parties for Mr. Heffner for fifteen years now. He introduced me to Joe, the head of security. A quick joke and a handshake later left Joe on his way back to regulate. I had a few questions for Roger, and he politely answered adding some humor. Here are a couple of them.

Ohiodave: So Roger, you’ve bartended for some of the wildest parties here. I’m sure you’ve seen more than an eyeful at times with all the bunnies running around. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever seen here

Roger: (laughing) I have seen everything, and I will tell nothing!

Ohiodave: “This party is from 2:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. What time do you think the party is really going to start?”

Roger: (without hesitation) “After six.”

Ohiodave: “you make a damn good Long Island iced tea”

Roger: “I know.”

After hearing that, I could only imagine what goes on at night here. I thought of hiding out in the bushes and joining in on the after-hours party, but Joe already had his eye on me.. I’ll tell you about that later.

At the far end of the yard I noticed a trampoline session taking place with a couple of bunnies and Mike Carroll. I had to get over there to see what was really going on. It’s funny and so stereotypical that a trampoline is even there, but I guess it’s good for taking provocative photos and video clips. Mike seemed to be enjoying himself, it seemed like he kind of fit right in at the Mansion too. It was like he was the Scott Baio of skateboarding.

Soon 5:30p.m. came around and with my work portion completed, I decided to kick back and enjoy the last half an hour hassle free. Without hesitation I headed for one of the most famous pools. I had to see the “grotto”— it’s the secret room in the pool behind the waterfall, and I’ve heard that’s where the real fun takes place. It’s the perfect place to hide out! It’s very spacious with couches everywhere. I can see why there is so much hype surrounding it. After my sight-seeing swim I noticed I was the last person in the pool. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, we were at Hugh’s place and while others were getting ready to go, I was ready to keep it going, 6;00p.m. or not! That’s when Joe starred me down, pointed directly at me, and said, “the party is over, out of the pool.”

I persuasively replied, “Joe, it’s all right. it’s me, remember?.”

Joe was emotionless as he aggressively stepped to the poolside saying strictly, “You’re out of there now!”. I complied with his request but proceeded to take the scenic route out which conveniently leads right to the bar.

I have to say that Piney from Redbull hooked this party up in style! I mean, they were threw a party for their athletes at one of the most coveted locations in the world. Piney also had the task of organizing the guest list for this party, which was probably the hardest thing to do. I don’t know how much money it took to rent out the Mansion, nor do I care. All I know is that I was fortunate enough to be there and that was more than enough for me! Thanks, Piney!

Check out the video and photo links to see some trampoline action and some of the beautiful women.