The Road to Belco

The Road to Belco
Nike team takes it to the Australian Capitol

Right after the Bondi Bowlarama it was off to the Belconnen Bowl jam, which was celebrating its 20th Anniversary (
The Nike SB Squad got a heavy crew together for this one, including Grant Taylor, Chet Childress, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain and newbie Peter Hewitt, as well as Australian riders Harry Clark, Nick Boserio, Max Shubert and Corbin Harris. Straight down the highway to the CBR, hitting up a bunch of new parks on the way. Some heavy, heavy moves went down, but you're gonna have to wait to see those in the mag of course!
In the meantime, here are a few of the interesting moments from life on the road. Enjoy!


When you line up 3 generations of legends on the one tour, magic is bound to happen. Grant Taylor, Lance Mountain and Peter Hewitt – a triple threat to the future.

If Grant has a strange look on his face, it's because he has no real concept of pain or fear. Watch his skating, there is never any holding back, even when the elbow is leaking claret.

Lance gets in the bottom of the pool for an up close and personal snap of Omar going hand down over the love seat.


When the first day of a Nike tour also happens to be your birthday, you gotta celebrate in the appropriate way. Lil' Petey enjoys the sunset.

Upon arrival at the Manly Vale skate park, Sir Peter Hewitt was delighted to find evidence of international celebration of the epic Beauty & the Beast tour videos.

Hard sesh makes for a deep sweat, especially in the summer. Dollin, Hewitt, Henrie, and Lance catch their breath in the shade as the sun sets.

Another sighting of the infamous LudaCrooks

This is what you might look like the day after your birthday and as 14 hour flight to Australia. Peter smiles through the pain.

When Two tours collide! Koston, Carroll & Anderson take some QT in the elevator.

When Two Tours collide Part 2! BA shows off his awesome creative idea sketchbook. Kids take note, the best way to get good graphics is to get involved yourself!

Mr Rick McCrank is not on Nike, but he was chilling and looking fly in the lobby of the hotel. No big deal.

First order of the day, meet up at Civic skateparkl, with the local Hoon, Andrew Currie. ( – he knows all the local spots and he runs a pretty damn tight itinerary. PPPPPPP!

Two of Australia's hottest youngsters burning up in the shade, Nick Boserio and Corbin Harris.

Lance and Peter take a moment of deep thought in the shade at Insano's ditch in CBR.

Kids don't try this at home, you might get taken to Outer Space by Antz.

If you need to put your Hoon board in a big truck, call Reese Warren.

Two tours collide again! Aussie lensman legend Dave Pang meets up with Alex Olson to take a portrait of son with father's board, after the Girl Demo at the new Woden park.

Slight posing difficulty – must be nerves that knocked him to the ground before the big shoot.

Once he gets in front of that lens, AO is a natural. Naomi, Linda & and the girls were famously quoted saying they wouldn't get outta bed for less than $10,000 – Alexander gets at least double that to stay in.

Beebs and Salazar – Sacto por vida.

Check out this new move I learnt!" Salazar slips outta some Olson jiujitsu.

Blood Wizard's in the house!

This is the type of thing that could ONLY happen in Canberra and that's why we love our nation's capitol.

The sign says it all! Lance went to Belco and put on a show for young and old!

Lance browsing some local reading material.

Off to the Black Mountain tower restaurant for a delicious meal. Check the height on the elevator. Thanks Fish!!

What a view! Henrie and Fisher document the serenity from 870 metres above ground while slowly rotating.

What are these bearded scoundrels doing at the top of a national monument? Chet and Nick enjoy the sunset from the old 870.

The moon is closer from up here, seriously.

Squad is stoked! Well done boyz!

Skurfing the elevator back down to Gangsta beach!

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