The TWS 10 Presents…

Tricks You Almost Didn’t Get To See

It’s in this very issue where Guy Mariano talks about Skateboarding is spontaneous in nature. Sometimes, the
best tricks go down when you least expect them to
With that in mind, here are 10 examples of
skatebaording that you almost didn’t get to see.

Camera phobia
Broken cameras
No filmer

1. Eric Koston, 360 Flip Noseblunt-Slide
It doesn’t get more clutch than this-the last possible night of filming, for the last trick in the last part of the video. And a trick that blazed unchartered territory. Who else could pull off such a deadline delivery? Only Koston.
Where to find it: Girl’s Yeah Right!

2. Jeremy Wray, Carlsbad Gap Frontside Flip
When J-Wray filmed a line that traversed the entire Carlsbad High campus, he ended with a banger of a frontside flip down the legendary gap. But when the filmer tried to slow down, the camera jangled like a scene out of C.O.P.S. Thank goodness for second angles.
Where to find it: Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke

3. Andrew Reynolds, Kickflip
When Reynolds ends his six-trick line with a high-speed kickflip down a fifteen-stair, the camera fades out just as he blasts the kickflip. Again, saved by that second angle.
Where to find it: Emerica’s This Is Skateboarding

4. Peter Smolik, Switch 270 To Frontside Boardslide
After getting kicked out, Peter went for one last go, and his efforts were rewarded with one of the most technical bangers down a handrail at the time. Sometimes a little pressure is all you need for motivation.
Where to find it: Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream

5. Drake Jones, Switch 360 Flip
For most people, a broken board means the end of the session. But for Drake Jones, who snapped the tail of his board trying to switch 360 flip the Embarcadero big 3, it just meant: “Try it again, and do it flawlessly-next try.”
Where to find it: Spitfire, Self-Titled

6. Chad Muska, Welcome To Hell Video Part
Okay, this wasn’t a single trick, but an entire video part. Pulled from the video at the last minute, most of Muska’s insane footage found its way into Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream video a couple years later, but when Toy Machine released its video box set, Ed included Chad’s entire part as a bonus.
Where to find it: Toy Machine’s Box Set

7. Ragdoll, Last-Try Wallride
After assessing that an overzealous security guard wasn’t carrying anything stronger than pepper spray, Rags went for one more. He rolled right around the rent-a-cop and wallrode down a flight of stairs.
Where to find it: Pig’s Slaughterhouse
Pat Duffy, Kickflip-Crooks-Noseslide
In 1993, Duffy filmed a flawless, yet accidental kickflip crooked grind to noseslide. It’s unclear if he was going for a crooks or a noseslide, but that’s how skating was back then. Tech tricks could get knocked up a notch, just like that.
Where to find it: Plan B’s Virtual Reality
Brian Wenning, Switch Backside 180 LOVE Gap
Sometimes skaters train for months to film a trick-but not always. Wenning’s epic trick down the legendary gap was about as spontaneous as it gets. Says Wenning: “I just showed up to the park, set up a new board, and it just happened-no planning or any of that nonsense. I just rolled away and bought a Philly cheesesteak.”
Where to find it: DC’s The DC Video
Danny Way, The El Camino
It took the combination of Danny Way’s imagination, and Danny Way’s tenacity (that means balls) to not only backflip the mega-ramp, but to get into a rocket air in the middle of a backflip on the mega-ramp.
Where to see it:

Dustin Dollin
Known for being “Spawn-taneous,” Dollin can be a nightmare for an unprepared filmer, but one night in Australia, Spawn kickflip frontside bluntslide down a handrail, even he wasn’t ready. In fact, rumor has it he didn’t even remember the next morning. (VERIFY)
Where to see it: (not sure)

Artto’s Lipslide Lines at Arco
When the little red button gets hit more than once, the camera switches from record to standby, epic lines like Arto’s front lipslides down the 9 and the 16 at Arco in LA are forever lost. Fortunately, Arto’s a true professional, and walked back up the stairs, and did it again. Handled his business. (VERIFY)
Where to see it: Flip’s Sorry!
Erik Ellington, Bigspin
You almost didn’t get to see this one because it took so many trips to get. Determination and heel bruises, as well as a looming deadline helped to reel this one in. (VERIFY)
Where to see it: Baker’s Baker 3