The TWS 10/Vans Giveaway Winner

We got a lot of good entries, but Jason Park came up with our favorite:

Zero’s Die Trying Doubleset

A giant doubleset the equivalent to two El Toros seperated by a seven foot flat in between the two. There is a kinked handrail connecting the two, with a skate stopper at the bottom requiring popping off of the rail before the end.--Jason Park

Congrats Jason, enjoy your Vans No Skools. And here are a bunch of other good runners-up:


Seeing that Santa Cruz has one of the most internation teams in the skateboarding industry, only one language (it has to be english) speaking ignoramuses must answer questions about the team riders’ hometowns, such as Paris (florentin) and Brazil (alex c.), and then, if they get it right, get to skate a perfect marble legde… in florentin’s flipflops (see OUT THERE) The winner gets a bottle of beer from 35 randomly-chosen countries.--Robert Youngblood

“Baker Drunken Idiot Gap”

Skaters will try to gap a 15 foot monster. Kicker 2 kicker over some drunk bums in a pool of beer. For those who like to grind, there will be a beer bottle-shaped rail going over the gap. This is the gap Dustin should have, (or would have wanted to) bailed.--Javier Tamayo

Darkstar’s “Lightning Core Loop”

Skaters will ride on massive loop that is electrically charged, with wires hanging all over the loop, while wearing a suit of Darkstar armor. Skaters will try to ride the loop while dodging the wires. If they touch a wire, the armor will get charged with lightning and electrocute the skater.--John McMillin

Baker’s “Hollywood HIGH”

In this contest skaters must first take a hit from a replica of the huge spliff seen being smoked in Braydon Szafranski’s part in Baker 3 and then throw down there best trick on a replica of the Hollywood High stairs and rails, while holding in the purple haze. Extra points rewarded for blunt related tricks.--Aaron Hunter

“Dollin’s Watering Hole”

Pretty much it’s an empty pool that you skate and every time you bail, another bottle of Jack Daniel’s good ol’ number 7 is poured into the pool. Bail too many times and you may wind up skating in your own magically intoxicated world like Dollin, or just eating a lot of shit.--Will Atchley