The Wes & Tyler Interview

The Wes & Tyler Interview

All photos: Brian Fick

Sun Diego, the chain of mall shops in San Diego, wanted me to do a review of their new video A New Day. So to make things interesting I thought I’d interview Wes Kremer and Tyler Surrey, their two hot young ams that hold down the last two parts of the video. What makes these kids interesting, besides their massive amount of good footage, is that they both ride for Peter Smolik’s Skatemafia and went on a three week summer tour with them. Now, Wes and Tyler are well below the legal age to do anything naughty, so I figured their naïve minds would have some stories to tell.—Blair Alley

Tell me how you got on Skatemafia.

Wes: We were just at Chino one day with Dan Connelly, and he just hooked it up from there.

No crazy mafia kiss of death or getting jumped in?


What’s it like to be on the same team as Peter Smolik?

It’s sick. I looked up to him for sure.

You gotta tell me some crazy stories from the Skatemafia tour.

Oh, fuck.

Give me the daily schedule, starting with waking up in the motorhome. As soon as you wake up, who’s doing what?

Wake up, start driving, stop at a liquor store. Everyone gets a lot of beer, gets fuckin’ wasted for the autograph signings.

And that was before you’d even skate the demo?

Pretty much. The demos were fun. Everybody was just really wasted, but they were still killing it.

I heard Smolik would take off with some locals and just meet you guys in the next city.

Yeah, he ran off with my DVD player once. That sucked. He invited locals along on the tour, too—this kid named Skeeter. He was gnarly, Peter’s side kick. He was all drugged-out and trying to keep up with Smolik. It was pretty random. We met Skeeter that day and Peter was like, “Oh, you can come on tour and shit!

Tell me about the groupie that came on tour for a little bit.

Tyler: Who, Skeeter?

No, the female groupie.


Was that her name?


Where’d you guys pick her up at?

We just stayed at her house.

Did she come on tour for a little bit?

No, there was this other girl.

That’s the one I’m talking about.

Oh, okay.

Just referred to as the groupie from what I heard.

Yeah, phew.

What was her deal?

I don’t know, she just wanted to go back to California with us.

How far did you take her?

Like one stop. Couldn’t handle it anymore.

Who? You couldn’t or she couldn’t?

She couldn’t.

Did you guys put her to work or what?

I guess you could say that.

Who was the first to drop in?


Don’t clam up on me.

Jimmy Kappel (filmer).

Of course! Well then who was filming?

I don’t think anyone was. Maybe he filmed himself.

Damn, that’s hectic. So you just ruined her life and dropped her off, huh?

Well, she said she had a lot of fun so—

Oh, fantastic. How old was she?

Like eighteen.

You better hope so. Well, how old are you guys?

I’m sixteen and Wes is fifteen.

How were Rosie (John Rosenkrantz) and Zam (Ryan Zammit) on tour?

They were cool. Always fun skating with them.

What was their daily routine together?

Sleep in until you woke them up. Then they’d sleep in the RV until we got to the spots. They’d wake up when we got to the liquor store.

How much beer and liquor would get put down on a daily basis?

Oh, hmm. A whole bunch of 30 packs.

What’s the wildest thing that happened on that tour?

It was pretty much one crazy-ass thing the whole time.

How long were you on that tour?

Like three weeks. Wes and I flew back early, the tour lasted another week or so.

Was that the most you’ve ever partied in yoour young life or what?

Yeah, I was glad to get out.

What Sun Diego store is your favorite to hang out at?


Does it have the best trim?


Wes, have you been getting chicks since you have the last part in the video?

Wes: No.

Who’s got more Myspace friends, you or Tyler?

Me, like 330.

Have you gotten laid off that shit?

Of course not.

Who had your favorite part in the video?

Either Tyler or Marius (Syvanen), but I like Kyle (Wilcox, Sun Diego filmer) at the end, in the credits.

How did you and Tyler have so much footage?

We filmed for like a year.

That’s a lot of footage for just a year. Tyler, who’s got your favorite part in the video?

Tyler: Probably Wes, or myself—just kidding. I like Steve Shipler’s a lot.

Who made those “Jock Tyler Surrey shirts?

Those were a joke.

Did it pay out with the ladies?

Didn’t help.

Okay, I’m going to name a spot and you name the trick you want to do there. San Clemente rail.

Wes: The big hitter.

What’s that?

Wes: It’s the trick in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Tyler: It’s a one foot noseblunt slide or something.

Sounds interesting. The Wilshire fifteen.

Tyler: I don’t know, I’m not a big rail dog. Talk to Wes.

Hollywood sixteen?

Tyler: I don’t know.

El Toro?

Wes: I want to nosegrab it.


Wes: Cannonball firecracker.

That’s a good one. Clipper?

Wes: I don’t know, maybe Suski.

Tyler: I’ll watch Wes do the Suski.

Kyle, what’s some secret shit about the video that no one knows?

Kyle: Tyler switch frontside flipped that fourteen two days before the premiere and no one knew he did it.

Are you the main guy that buys beer for Tyler and Wes?

If I was 21 I would, I’m only 19.

Damn! I’ve been partying with you for years, I had no idea.

Check out Tyler and Wes in the new Sun Diego video, A New Day, filmed by Kyle Wilcox. Go to