Every day until the end of 2009, we'll be recapping the year that was in skateboarding. Day in and day out, we've had skateboarding's best skaters, and exclusive content you keep coming back to. So here's a little reminder of what went down way back in February of 2009:

picture-39 Erik Ellington Day In The Life: We spent a day with Erik, checked out his new Supra shoe, and went shredding. Peep Part 2 while you’re at it!

picture-45 Video Check Out, Anthony Williams: Anthony’s got talent for days, and his Video was hard-hitting in February.

picture-55 Tony Tave Day In The Life: Take a walk in Tave’s world, check out his insane living situation in the Orange County suburbs with cameos from Jamie Tancowny and Windsor James. Oh yeah, Part 2 is not to be missed.

picture-64 Hometown, Rodney Mullen: The Mutt is still a heavy influence in 2009. We did a Hometown article with him in February featuring some old videos and his insight about growing up in Florida.

picture-72 Dyrdek’s New L.A. Safe Spot: In February, Rob Dyrdek opened the first Safe Spot in L.A. and we were there to document and got the straight dirt from Rob.

picture-82 Video Check Out, Joseph Mairena: Joseph came in hot in February. Peep him rip.