Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

A few months back skateboarding lost a good friend. Tim wasn’t someone that I would occasionally hang out with or someone who I only shot photo’s of. He was a real friend, someone who always lended an ear to my incessant girl troubles regardless of how busy he was. When Tim passed away of a heart attack on Mothers Day I was in shock and to be quite honest I ‘m still that way. Sometimes it takes something negative to bring about something positive, that’s what I’m learning in life. When I heard that a contest was being held in Tim’s honor I knew I had to be there. So I jumped in my car and headed North to be a part of the first annual Tim Brauch Memorial Am Contest, which was being held Sunday at Macdorsa Park in Scotts Valley, CA.

On hand to check out the festivities were Ron Whaley, Israel Forbes, Justin Strubing, Joel Gomez, Jerry Fowler, Joe Hutchison, Frank Brauch, Joan Brauch, Kristi Brauch, Karina Morshige and hundreds more. Product was being raffled and memorial shirts were being sold. I’m not really going to delve into the contest or who did what, It really wasn’t about that. It was about remembering a friend. As I looked around smiles were abundant, just the way Tim would have wanted it. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped put together this annual event. Hope to see you all next year.

Final Results

Sponsored Am

1.Corey Ryan
2. Joe Hutchison
3. Johnny Muhouse

16 And Over Novice

1. Micha Szucke
2. Sam Hardin
3. Wez Chees

15 And Under Novice

1. Corey Snyder
2. Anthony Barnes
3. Stephen Machada