Tizzey At Pizzey/Slam SOTY Party

No one had to be at the Pizzey Park until 3p.m. so most of the skaters in town lazed the day away at the beach or the hotel pool. Finally when the charter bus pulled us up to Pizzey Park for the first contest in a three-day bender, the place was packed and the sun was blazing. Luckily there was a shaved ice truck nearby keeping everyone stoked and cool. This pool/pit/bowl, whatever you want to call it is gnarly. It’s big, rough, and lumpy but that didn’t stop all the skaters from charging non-stop until sundown. Check the photos and video footy to see who did what. At the end of the day, Matt Mumford and Omar Hassan had done more tricks and skated the beast longer than anyone and were awarded a tie for first.

A few hours later, everyone was up in the Coolangatta Hotel for Slam magazine’s Australian Skater Of The Year party. Chima Ferguson was deservedly the winner with Lewis Marnell getting an honorable mention as runner up. The party raged on into the night with DJs, dancing, free booze, and even a mini ramp in the club! Stay tuned, tomorrow’s event is a mini ramp contest at Globe HQ, and you know Haslam’s going to get all Cheese & Crackers up in that bitch.

Check all the photos and footage attached to the left!