TM Tuesdays: Mada in SF

We decided to take a quick trip to Nor Cal and visit some shops and along the way go out and get some footage/photos. The trip included Mada ams Jacob Walder, Kevin Romar, flow team rider Saul Quintero, filmer Joe P, intern Alex, and myself.

The first stop of our road trip was going by VAL Surf and dropping off promo Ts and posters. The second stop was Santa Cruz and going by SC’s finest skate shops around, Santa Cruz Skate Shop and Skateworks.

Our boy Jordan from SCSC was gracious enough to close shop and take us to there warehouse for a private session and then taking us to Santa Cruz’s new skate park which was fun as hell. After the warehouse session we made our way to the City where we would stay for a few days. You can’t make a trip to the City without going by the dopest shop in the City, FTC. The homies at FTC took real good care of us and we wanted to say big ups to them for telling us where the good spots were to skate.

After getting lots of footage/photos in the City, we made our way back down south with a stop in Redwood City to go by Skateworks (Redwood City) and pick up Mada flow team rider, Andrew Langi so he could show us around the San Jose area.

All in all Santa Cruz, The City, and the San Jose area had tons of spots that were all bust-free for the most part. Big thanks to everyone at Skateworks, Santa Cruz Skate Shop, FTC, Val Surf, and last but not least Mainland.—Raul Montoya

Check the slideshow and video attached to the left for all the fun!