Toebock Walk It Out Tour

The end of the trip has come. We’re on our way to the airport to drop people off and go back to S.F., Denver, Sunnyvale, Long Beach, or Seattle depending on the person. All in all though, the trip was amazing. The past two days in Dallas have been pretty funny. We got directions to some spot in downtown Fort Worth and got tickets immediately. I guess it’s illegal to ride a skateboard in the downtown area. While we were getting tickets, a group of kids walked by across the street just holding their boards and the cops made them walk over and gave them a tongue lashing. I think the cops’ spandex shorts were too tight or something because he was a pretty angry unit. If you’re wondering where the next Toebock trip’s going to be, I guarantee you it won’t be Texas unless its the “We Got Warrants” tour, because I doubt any of us broke mothaf—kas are gonna be paying these tickets. I can’t even skate. I was talking on the phone standing on a cruiser board on the sidewalk and the cops yelled me over. Crazy shit.

At our hotel last night there was a wedding reception that was madness. Old Asian men stumbling around everywhere, people fighting in the parking lot and tons of other amazing things to watch. There were atleast four empty Hennessy bottles on every table, so I’m pretty sure that’s the reason. We made it in for a while until the groom and his posse found us and promptly gave us the boot. It was fun while it lasted though. This was one of the funnest times I’ve had on the road, and thanks to everybody who helped us out along the way, and f—king BIG UPS to everybody on the trip for making it what it was, Osiris, Pig, and Imperial Motion. Extra special thanks go to Matt Price for hooking us up with a box of Brimley sunglasses, which are pretty much the illest thing on the market today. If you see any sunnies on people in photos, that’s what they are. Thanks Matt, that was the shit. But pretty much, this trip boils down to good times with even better people. That’s what it’s all about. Get in the car and get on the road with your friends, you’ll be in for what life is all about. Until next time peace out friends.—Boosh

P.S. Shane Cross was one of the best people ever, go skate with your friends or just live good, it’s what he’d be doing right now.

Check the slideshow for all the madness! All photos: Ken Goto.

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