Words and Photography by Yoon Sul (with the help of Rebecca Rottenberg)

[LOS ANGELES] What a totally bitchin’ weekend… having an excuse to party with a costume on would be a great if you could do it everyday, but Halloween and the Day Of The Dead only come twice in a year. For me, it was an excuse to not change my clothes for two days, and right now, those clothes really smell bad. Halloween was, well, kind of a blur for me… and when I finally came to, it was the next day and I was a at the Totally Bitchin’ Night Of The Dead party hosted by the legend himself Tony Alva, or maybe it was Drexel from True Romance. The party was at the Alva store in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax, and everyone was definitely enjoying the bitchin’ time with some great music, bitchin’ costumes, and free bloody red drinks. There was also an opening art exhibit at the beginning of the party for Votan, and a live performance by Tony Alva and Jackson Howard. It was a totally bitchen time, on a totally bitchen weekend. Unfortunately, Sunday was totally NOT bitchin’ for me… I think it’s time for me to check into Betty Ford, Carleton. Daniel Castillo definitely won the Best Costume of 2008.