Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Cheat Sheet #2

Print this cheat sheet out and be on your way to either insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome or a run in with Officer Dick.

Big Head Mode

While playing pause the game then hold L1, and press Square, Circle, Up, Left, Left. If you entered it correctly; The screen will shake. Quit the current level and start another game. You will now have a huge head.

Continuous Grind

For longer grinds, balance yourself out by pressing left or right. For example , if your skater is leaning to the left hold the right button until you are balanced out.

Glitch For Extra Points

Skate towards the bowl and get speed in the bowl and ollie out towards the video screen right beside it. Try to land on top of it and hold triangle. If you do this right, your guy or girl will be stuck in one spot and you can link tricks together and not land. A word of caution though; don’t wait to get down too long. The game freezes up after a while.

Hidden Video

Enable Officer Dick and win three gold medals to unlock a hidden video.

Infinite Special Bar

While playing, pause the game and do the following: press and hold L1 then press X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Right. The screen will shake to confirm the code.

Level Select

Pause during gameplay to enter this code. Hold L1 and press Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Square, Triangle. When the code is confirmed the screen will shake. End the level and go to the level select. It will look like they are unselectable but you can select them by pressing X.

Play As Officer Dick

When in the game go to career mode and get all the videos in all of the levels and get a secret character named “Officer Dick” Stats At 10

Pause the game and hold L1. While holding L1 press Square, Triangle, Up, Down. The screen will shake to confirm the code was entered correctly. You will also see four 10’s in the bottom right corner.

Stats At 13

Pause the game and hold L1. While holding L1 press X, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, Down. The screen will wobble to confirm the correct code. Click here For Tony Hawk Pro Skater cheat sheet #1.
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