Top 10 Brutal Wednesday Woes

Wednesday Woes are a favorite on So to give you more of what you like, here’s a round up of our 10 favorite Wednesday Woes recently. Don’t forget to upload yours!

1. The Go Kart Slam

This one is a bit old, but damn, just re-watch it and tell us you didn’t laugh out loud.

2. Roof to Curb

How in the hell are you gonna ollie off a roof and end up hitting your head on a--curb?

3. Handrail Cartwheel

Just straight up handrail service. I don’t think homey knows which part of his body hurts the worst.

4. Drop In Debacle

First time dropping in can always lead to disaster. We’ve all been there--well maybe not that bad.

5. A Feeble Attempt

Who knew this feeble grind would end up bucking him like a wild bull?

6. Frontyard Madness

It’s all fun and games until you try to show off for the neighbors.

7. No Bitches

Words won’t do this one justice. A horrific slam followed by one of the funniest Wed Woe quotes we’ve ever heard.

8. Wake Up & Smell The Concrete

A good old fashioned healthy stack.

9. April Fools

A classic rack that was bestowed upon us on the Fool’s day. No joking there, though.

10. Taint Bounce

Dude straight bounces off his no-no spot. Yikes!