Top 10 Searched Skaters Of 2010

Ever wonder who was popular in 2010? Wonder no more. We compiled the Top 10 skaters that you searched for on our site. Click on through to find out who had you scouring the internet for their photos and videos.

10. Torey Pudwill


T-Puds had a hell of a year to say the least. He switched to Plan B, his first shoe dropped on DVS, he murdered all kinds of contests, and unveiled his best video part to date in Hallelujah--not to mention he’s one of the coolest, funniest cats out. Kick it with him once and we guarantee you’ll be a fan if you aren’t already. At only 20 years young, he’s gonna be on lists like this for a long time.

9. Paul Rodriguez


A Tampa Pro win started off the year, then a new Nike SB shoe, a Mountain Dew collab with famed artist Don Pendleton, his banging cover and interview on our pages and of course the showstopping My, Myself, & I iTunes part'--no wonder he made this list. We even launched our resource page for P-Rod here.

8. Mike Mo Capaldi

Every bit of footage of Mike Mo that surfaces is gold. As Oliver Barton put it in one of his Top 5 YouTubes of the Week, he’s the choice of the new generation.

7. Corey Duffel


The Duffman says a lot of things and is always a fan favorite. He spent most of 2010 recovering from injuries, and kept busy with his T-shirt line and new found love of motorbikes. Check these gems that popped up on the interweb.

6. Jimmy Carlin


Jimbodini--the man, the (new pro) Mystery, the straight comic relief. His antics off the board are just as interesting as them on. One thing’s for sure, with him around, we’ll never be bored.

5. Nick Trapasso


Owee! Nicky T is always a hit. He’s just like one of your homies. Catch him on tour and he’ll prove it. 50 Gs for winning the X Games Real Street ain’t bad either. He’s got some juicy clips in Brain Wash, and here’s a little secret, you’ll see him on the pages of TWS in 2011 for certain.

4. Ryan Sheckler


With the MTV show a wrap, Sheckler spent 2010 annihilating the streets and private parks alike. He was at all the contests, tours, and signings. Not even a random shooting involving his truck could steer him off course.

3. Lizard King


2010 was truly the biggest year yet for the reptile from Salt Lake City. Riding high off of two TWS covers in twelve months, he took home our Readers’ Choice Award in June, and the party hasn’t slowed down since.

2. Chris Cole


Cole took home our Best Street Award at the big show in June and continued his Maloof domination. With the completion of the TransWorld Skatepark in July, he also dropped by to destroy the place and teach a trick or two. The only weakness is his skate trivia perhaps?

1. Sean Malto


What can you give the person that has everything? And what can you say about the perfect young man? Malto was the most-searched skater on in 2010. Loved to see him rocking big pants and small wheels in etnies’ Skate & Create. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for 2011, and that Escapist video.