We pulled together the top 10 Web videos of the 2010 based off how many times they got viewed on this site. From the private skateparks to the streets, from Daewon to Chris Cole, from the contests to the videos—which videos made the cut? Click through to find out…

#10. Hallelujah Bonus Footage

A no brainer: of course you wanted to see the unseen clips and second angles of Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo, Pete Eldridge, Taylor Bingaman, and Tyler Bledsoe. Don’t forget guest appearances by David Reyes, Mike Marks, Chris Troy, Adam Dyet, Carlos Zarazua, Paul Trep, Pat Duffy, and Neal Mims.

#9. Thursday Theater: Ryan Sheckler & Chris Cole

When Cole got the invite to shred Sheckler’s private facility, we knew an epic session was inevitable. These two also ripped up our park right here.

#8. Downtown Showdown: Black Label & Zero Obstacles

Maybe it was the two-for-one factor in this video or just the gnar level of Zero’s Bloodbath obstacle, but check out the craze that went down when the likes of Vincent Alvarez, Tommy Sandoval, Nick Merlino, and more ravaged these two Showdown obstacles. All Downtown Showdown videos here.

#7. TransWorld Skatepark Break In Session

Our new skatepark was unveiled in July. Chris Cole, Chris Haslam, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, and Jordan Hoffart came by to put the first scuff marks on our ledges, rails, pool coping, and hubbas.

#6. Quiksilver’s The Program

We combined forces with Quik’s super team and created a couple skateable Mountain & Wave logos for Leeper, Olson, Gillette, and more to rip up. Watch part 1 below and part 2 here.

#5. Maloof Money Cup NYC Finals

It was Maloof’s first time in the Big Apple and the pros put on a show as big as those ones on Broadway. Cole reigned supreme once again with stiff competition from P-Rod, Bastien, and more.

#4. Daewon Dorking Around At DVS

Our friends at DVS and almost blessed us with this clip of the ever-unfadeable Daewon Song "dorking around" at the DVS skatepark.

#3. How To: 360 Flip Noseslides With Chris Cole

The only How To to break the Top 10. A hot trick to learn for sure, but also taught by one of the modern-day masters.

#2. Baker Boys Distribution Shred Session

The Baker Boys Distribution squad works hard and plays hard. Catch a glimpse into the warehouse with Andrew Reynolds, Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, Lizard King, Jon Dickson, Figgy, and more.

#1. Last Times At Carlsbad High

We ushered out this legendary SoCal spot with a legendary comp. Bangers were going down left and right with plenty of never-been-dones. The day’s big winners were Nick Merlino, Moose, Nick Fiorini, and Silent Mike. Check out all the ripping.