Top 20 Stories Of 2011

Since its still the holidays, we know you’ve got time on your hands to browse the Web and relive all the great skate moments of 2011. Some seriously epic moments went down. Here are the top 20 stories from

20. 60 Minutes In The Park: Torey Pudwill

Torey set off our new 60 Minutes feature in classic T-Puds fashion, which is to say he f-ing killed it.

19. Koston Nike SB Shoe Release Skate Jam

Koston’s first Nike SB shoe dropped. We kicked it and skated with the Frost man in L.A. Full photo gallery here.

18. Oliver Barton's Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week

This won’t be the last time you see Ollie’s YouTubes on this list. Check out this pick of epic fails:

17. 60 Minutes In The Park: Nyjah Huston

Nyjah followed Torey’s lead and set it off in our park. He got close to 60 tricks in 60 minutes. Mind blowing:

16. Oliver's Top 5 YouTubes: Competition!

Have fun with this one.

15. C1RCA Combat x Nuge Shoe Release Party

We hung out in Los Angeles' Echo Park neighborhood for the huge party for the release of Nuge's first C1RCA Combat shoe, the Tweest. Red Octopus, Earthless, and Nuge's band The LSDemons rocked the packed crowd 'til late in the night.

14. Oliver's Top 5 YouTubes: Wrongboarding

More epicness from Bartok.

13. Oliver's Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (Sept 15)

J. Wray, Nick Tucker, Twistie, and more!

12. Chicken Bone Nowison Premiere Photos

The Shake Junt premiere got L.A.'s Dragonfly theater hyphy and junted out. Andrew Reynolds gave Shane Heyl a pro board on stage. With full parts from Dollin, Theotis, Neen, Sinner, Beagle, Heyl, Lenoce, and many more, Chicken Bone closed out the year proper.

11. Kenny Anderson Cons Commercial Preview

With the release of Kenny Anderson's new shoe on Converse Kenny recreated the intro from his 2002 part in One Step Beyond. Well... kinda. We got Behind The Scenes photos from the shoot:

10. 15 Sightings from Chami's Hard Drive

Our Senior Photographer Dave Chami has no shortage of crispy clean photos. Here are 15 shots to your dome.

9. Supra Skytop 3 LA Release Party Photos

Anything involving The Muska and SUPRA is bound to be a good time. Kevin Duffel whooped it up in L.A. with the filthy KR3W back in July and avoided arrest (Chad wasn’t so lucky).

8. TWS 10: Testicular Tragedies (AKA Classic Sacks)

Wanton testicular damage has long been a mainstream and kiddy favorite. Keeping things highbrow, the following, in no particular order, are 10 ripely aged/bruised classics.

7. Not Another TransWorld Video Official Trailer

Back in April, we dropped the trailer for Not Another TransWorld Video, the 23rd video from TransWorld SKATEboarding starring Nestor Judkins, Theotis Beasley, Wes Kremer, Mike Anderson, and Shane O'Neill. Video by Jon Holland and Chris Ray. It premiered May 18 in Hollywood, California at our skate awards and became an instant classic.

6. 2011 Street League Arizona Finals Photo Gallery

Street League went off in 2011 with more stops and unbelievable skating than before. This gallery from the Arizona stop was your fav.

5. MOCA Art In The Streets Opening Photos

April 15, 2011 saw the opening of the Art in the Streets exhibition at the Los Angeles MOCA and a massive crowd gather downtown for what has to be one of the biggest and best displays of graffiti, skate, punk and hip hop culture in recent history. It was a start-studded turnout with the like of Futura, Fab 5 Freddy, Haze, Twist, Banksy, and Mister Cartoon to name just a few, all attending with flying colors.

4. Maloof DC Day 1 Photos: Heath Comeback?

With Maloof’s first stop ever in our nation’s capital, and Heath Kirchart seemingly coming out of retirement--to skate a contest--this was a popular gallery.

3. X Games 17 Street Qualifiers & Big Air Photos

Contests are still a big draw and X Games still has the juice. People just love that Megaramp. Plus, they went in this year with the most “street” looking course to date.

2. X Games 17 Skateboard Park & Street Photos

Raven Tershy in the Super Park was the talk of the town this day.

1. The 30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time

It’s no surprise the list from our 30 Year Anniversary Issue tops the stories of 2011. Everyone wanted a peek (and many voiced their own opinion), and at the end of the day, it tells the story of skateboarding better than anything we’ve ever put out.