Top 5 Sk8mafia Saturdays

The best reason to wake up early on a Saturday besides those Saturday morning cartoons—the infamous Sk8mafia. Here are the Top 5 you loved the most in ’06:

5. Nov 25—The Hawthorne Park: LA affiliates Sam Bap, Ricardo Carvalho, and Andrew Pott made this a Saturday to remember.

4. Dec 23—Costa Mesa: The Usual Suspects Larelle Gray, Kellen James, Ryan Zammit, Dan Connelly, and others sessioned the Costa Mesa park.

3. Dec 9—San Diego’s Embarcadero: Sessioned by the likes of Brandon Turner, Kellen James, Larelle Gray, Peter Smolik, and Steve Shipler before po-po tried to stop the fun.

2. August 5—Another Day At The Park: With Brandon Turner, Kellen James, Larelle Gray, and friends.

1. October 7—A Day At The Water Park: Featuring Larelle Gray, Dorian Gray, Dan Connelly, and Kellen James.