Heavy Metal T-shirts You Own
1. Ozzy Osbourne-“Bark At The Moon.”2. Guns N’ Roses-“Use Your Illusion II.”3. All my Children Of Bodom shirts.4. Scorpions-“Love At First Sting.”5. W.A.S.P.-“F-k Like A Beast.”

Band T-shirts You Need To Own
1. Quiet Riot.
2. Megadeth.3. Zakk Wylde-any band.4. Dimebag Darrell-he was and is the best.5. Misfits-“Walk Among Us.”

Handrail Tricks Caught On Film
1. Kyle Frederick-nollie heel back lip, like a champ.
2. Chris Haslam-kickflip back Smith.3. John Cardiel-fifty the gold rail in SF.4. I’m having a hard time remembering things.5.

Tricks That Are A Pain In Your Ass
1. Fakie frontside heel.
2. Frontside shove-its.
3. My lady-ha!
4. Dog piss tailsmack.
5. Inverts.

Reasons To Still Live In Pennsylvania (Or Reasons To Not Move To Cali)
1. Sprinklers suck.
2. Home is where you hang your guitar.
3. Hotwax.
4. Skate sessions at real spots without the hassle-don’t get me wrong, there are some but not like Cali.
5. Sanity.

Skate Tricks Named After Their Inventor
1. Bennett grind.
2. Primo.
3. Barley grind.
4. Sal flip.
5. Christ air.

Things You’re Stoked On As Of Right Now
1. New house.
2. My sponsors.
3. Megadeth.
4. Broken-in shoes.
5. The plank-the awful shape I ride that no one else likes.

Other Ways To Say, “Rad!”
1. Shaka.
2. Bitchin’.
3. Brad.
4. Dad.
5. Fad.

Ways To Spend
32 Grand
1. Down payment on a house.
2. Car or Harley.
3. Bulldogs.
4. Clothes.
5. Expensive musical instruments.

Pros You First Fanned Out Over
1. Christian Hosoi.
2. Jamie (Thomas) at City Hall-I was eleven.
3. Matt Reason.
4. Rodney Mullen.
5. Pepe.

Artists In Your iPod People Make Fun Of You For
1. Everything I have.
2. Bonnie Tyler.
3. Debbie Gibson.
4. Chicago.
5. All sorts of 80s soft rock.

Motivating Factors
1. Being something in life.
2. Making a life to look back on.
3. Being and doing my best.
4. Providing for a future family.
5. My family and friends-well, some of the friends.

People You Owe Your Skateboard Career To
1. Jamie Thomas.
2. Rodney Mullen.
3. Ian Berry.
4. The Man.
5. Face for the sponsor-me videos.

Awesome Axes
1. Alexi Laiho’s ESP.
2. Randy Rhoads’ Jackson.
3. Paul Stanley’s PS-
1. Iceman Mirror.
4. Zakk Wylde’s Bullseye and Buzzsaw Les Paul Gibsons.
5. Dimebag’s Dean Tribute ML.