Top Five – Ernie Torres

Skate Trends For 2007:
1. Spray-on pants.
2. Skaters turned photographers.
3. Mustaches.
4. Small shirts and big jeans.
5. Big shirts, KR3W jeans, and New Era hats pointed at a fresh two o’clock.

Embarrassing Moments:
1. After school, I got popsicled by my board at the gas station in front of a lot of people and they were all honking. That was pretty tight.
2. Sharting when I rolled up to El Toro.
3. Angel saying, “Let’s see if I still have nollie lips on lock,” then immediately sacking on the four-stair rail. He tried it on.
4. J.T. walked in on Bravo jackin’ off on all fours in a hotel room. I wasn’t there, but I felt the embarrassment for him.
5. My friend Jasin was uncomfortably stretching at a new gym on his first day there and elbowed a chick that worked there in her face. He never went back but still paid for a full year’s membership!

1. The Huttos.
2. Trey Rudy.
3. Bucky O’Connell.
4. Travis Christie.
5. Micah Johnson.

Worst Decisions:
1. Moving to Phoenix at the beginning of summer.
2. Turning 22.
3. Breaking in new bushings.
4. Eating at McDonald’s.
5. Cutting the kink off a handrail with a handsaw that took an hour, then going to jail.

Best Decisions:
1. Moving to Denver.
2. Turning 21.
3. Meeting Greg Piloto and Tim Ward!
4. Filming for Done 2.
5. My overall best decision was to start skateboarding.

Board Graphics:
1. Mike Carroll’s guest-pro Zip Zinger graphic.
2. Anti-Hero Pigeon board.
3. Peter Ramondetta’s Pete’s Club graphic.
4. Toy Machine’s Fist board.
5. The Muska with his Headphones graphic.

Other Definitions For “I.F.Y.M.”:
1. I’ll Fight You Monday.
2. I Forgot Your Money.
3. I Froze Your Meat.
4. I Find You Marvelous.
5. I Flipped Your Mustang.

Web Sites:
5. Those are the only ones I go to.

1. Frontside flips.
2. Switch flips.
3. Nose manuals.
4. Smith grinds in tranny.
5. Buck knees.

1. My girlfriend’s cooking.
2. Going on Adio and Deluxe trips.
3. Skating with your best friends.
4. Skating for a living.
5. Watching Angel skate drunk.

Fan-Out Moments:
1. When Sam Smith nosegrinded the Death Wall in Kansas.
2. When Derek Milton half-Cab flipped Civic.
3. When Sean Malto backside Smithed Lee Summit twelve.
4. Going to Deluxe and hanging out with really cool people.
5. Every time I’m with Damian Bravo!

1. Mom.
2. Kelli.
3. Sister.
4. Courtney Love.
5. Johnette Napolitano, lead singer for Concrete Blonde.

1. He likes to call people “fruit.”
2. He’s.
3. Young.
4. Strapped.
5. And doesn’t give a f-k!

Tecate Benders:
1. At the Done premiere.
2. My girlfriend and I got drunk at the Tenacious D movie.
3. Last time I was at Uncle Buck’s crib.
4. Me versus D-Rock and Ryan Lovell in The Bomb Shelter.
5. At Chris Cole’s Skater Of The Year party.

T.V. Shows:
1. Arrested Development.
2. I Love New York.
3. The Surreal Life.
4. Roseanne.
5. Married With Children.

Moments Since You Turned Pro A Year Ago:
1. Moved To AZ.
2. Through Being Nice DVD came out.
3. Buying an old Mustang.
4. Spending New Year’s with all my KC and Colorado friends in AZ.
5. And killing it so f-king hard that I had to