Top Five: Jim Greco

Rock ‘N’ Roll Songs
1. “Sister Ray—Velvet Underground.
2. “Let Go—Johnny Thunders.
3. “I Don’t Know Why—The Rolling Stones.
4. “Dum Dum Boys—Iggy Pop.
5. “I’m Affected—The Ramones.

Hammers In The Baker Video
1. Cab the fifteen.
2. Nollie heel C-bad.
3. Nollie inward heel MACBA.
4. Big spin C-bad.
5. Fakie lipslide Country Road.

Thrift Store Come-Ups
1. Maroon Fendi loafers.
2. My leather jacket in this photo.
3. Red boots.
4. Green crushed-velvet blazer.
5. Green shades.

1. Buffalo ’66.
2. Seven.
3. Casino.
4. Mean Streets.
5. Goodfellas.

Slang You Use On A Regular Basis
1. “Getting bunched—smashing your face on a rail. It comes from The Sopranos: “Who the f—k are you, Ralph? Bunch over here, and he hits him in the head with a metal pipe. Don’t get bunched—ever!
2. “Insurance policy—a new girl when things start going bad with the one you’re with while you’re nightclubbing. Don’t stress, just take out some insurance.
3. “Switch Billys—switch frontside flip lipslides. C’mon, figure it out—Billy Marks is the master of regular ones.
4. “Wow, what a boss—when I’m in awe of someone’s mob.
5. “Hook one down it—when you got mob and you know it but just go for it anyway.

Drinks You Used To Order
1. Well, if you must ask, shots of Patrón tequila.
2. Straight vodka with a splash of Gatorade to color and flavor it just a bit.
3. Vodka tonics.
4. Johnny Walker Red with Coke.
5. Beers.

1. Rowley.
2. Boulala.
3. Beagle—our filmer.
4. Jon Allie.
5. Antwuan Dixon.

Plans For The Future
1. Flourish and prosper.
2. Record a full-length album.
3. Be a good boy.
4. Get a lot of hammers.
5. Grow my hair back.