Top Five – Kyle Leeper

Reasons To Still Live In Oceanside, California

1. Drive-by shootings.

2. Kmart curbs.

3. The Jersey barrier under the pier.

4. TransWorld’s a block away.

5. My neighbor’s mini ramp.

Excuses Not To Skate

1. I hate this spot.

2. It’s too hot.

3. It’s too cold.

4. My board sucks.

5. My shoes suck.

Tricks You’ve Witnessed Live

1. Omar Salazar’s taildrop-last TransWorld cover.

2. Brandon Biebel’s half-Cab heel nose manny, nollie back heel out at Pier 7.

3. Li’l Jimmy’s nollie flip at the Washington stairs ten years ago, R.I.P.

4. Ryan Gallant’s big spin down the Sacto triple set.

5. Stefan Janoski’s switch flip down the Sacto triple set.

Video Parts To Put In Before Going Skating

1. Mike Carroll-Yeah Right!

2. Dennis Busenitz-Roll Forever.

3. Paul Shier-The Blueprint video.

4. John Cardiel-Sight Unseen.

5. Kenny Anderson-Yeah Right!

Things You Miss About Sacto

1. T Street-R.I.P.

2. Rope swings.

3. The spots.

4. Biebel’s comedy.

5. Rafting down the river.

Reasons For Not Getting Your Photo (Ad) In On Time

1. I suck.

2. I forgot to shoot one.

3. I’m lazy.

4. I lost the photo.

5. The flash didn’t go off.