Top Fives – Dan Pensyl

Pros’ Boards You’d Ride If You Had To Buy ‘Em

1. Drehobs.

2. Kokomo Joe.

3. Pat Smith.

4. Gary Collins.

5. Karma.

Front-To-Back Albums

1. Coda-Led Zeppelin.

2. Tennessee-Lucero.

3. Nebraska-Bruce Springsteen.

4. Some Girls-The Rolling Stones.

5. Late Registration-Kanye West.

Places That Wouldn’t Be So Bad To Call Home If

There Was No Such Thing As Brooklyn

1. Queens.

2. Philadelphia.

3. San Francisco.

4. Portland, Oregon.

5. Catasauqua, Pennsylvania.

Things A Man With A Clean Shave Will Never Know

1. What it’s like to go skate after busting your ass for ten to twelve hours building houses.

2. Having work boots as your chillers.

3. Not having room for your bros because all your tools are in the back of your truck.

4. Not skating for weeks because you’re working six days a week and then it rains on your one day off.

5. The appreciation for your time on a skateboard.

Jobs You’ve Worked While Holding Down Pro Status

1. Building houses with my old man in PA.

2. Painting houses with Dave from Autumn out in Long Island.

3. Building sets down in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

4. Driving an eighteen-foot cube truck around Manhattan.

5. Building skateparks with Andy Kessler or Pat Smith.

Cheap NYC Eats

1. Capone’s Pub-four dollars for a pizza and a beer.

2. God Bless Deli-few blocks from the bowl for a three-dollar burger and onion rings.

3. Alligator Lounge-same deal as Capone’s, but it’s farther from my crib and the pies aren’t as good.

4. Punjabi-taxi-stand Indian food.

5. Mexico 2000-bodega with a taco shack in the back.

California Couches

1. J-Dog and Claire in S.F.

2. P-Stone and Rhino in S.D.

3. Susie’s house in S.D.

4. Dan Velucci’s in S.F.

5. Seamus and Anthony Shetler’s in Long Beach.

Indoor Wooden Concoctions To Get You Through The Winter

1. KCDC mini ramp.

2. Autumn bowl.

3. Mount Weather.

4. Penn Skate in PA.

5. Turkey’s Nest.

New York Skateboarders

1. Bobby Puleo.

2. Pat Smith.

3. Steve Rodriguez.

4. Danny Falla.

5. Rodney Torres.

Pros’ Autographs You Wouldn’t Be Ashamed To Ask For As A Grown-Ass Man

1. Jason Jessee.

2. Christian Hosoi.

3. Gonz.

4. Lance Mountain.

5. Ed Templeton.

Pennsylvania Imports

1. Yuengling beer.

2. Barker Barrett.

3. Philly cheesesteaks.

4. Sketchy Amish horse and buggies.

5. My family.