Words and photos by Yoon Sul.

Wow, it's been a great year for the young Torey Pudwill…..joining the heavy hitters over at Plan B, a seriously gnarly video part in TWS' Hallelujah, a new house, and now his very first pro shoe with DVS-what's next Torey?! The guys over at DVS put together a shoe release party over at Diamond Supply Co. in Hollywood to celebrate the release of Torey's new kicks on Saturday that included a beer pong tournament with a prize that weighs an ounce and smells like heaven. It was a great time, and congrats to Torey- your all growns up! The Torey DVS shoe should be in skateshops very soon, so when your buying your copy of Hallelujah, why don't you back that copy up with a pair of Toreys.


Bros JRog and Skatetalk Bob.

dsc07913Darrell Stanton’s excited.

dsc07906Erica Yary and Torey celebrating his first pro beerpong cup.

dsc07928-1Fabian Alomar.

dsc07925-1Nick Tershay, Fabrizio Santos and a bucket of bolts.

dsc07920-1Nigel Alexander and Weston Correa.

dsc07927-1No more beer, Boosh?

dsc07918-1Rodrigo Peterson.

dsc07901The beerpong court filled with a ounce worth of whats in the air.


These guys are serious about winning that prize.


The SZA.


Torey Pudwill, Gabe Clement and Cullen Poythress with Torey’s first official pro beerpong cup.

dsc07907Torey Pudwill showing and Gabe Clement talking suits.

dsc07915-1Torey’s party inside Diamond Supply Co.

dsc07917-1Watching videos.

dsc07911-1Torey’s first pro shoe by DVS. Definitley a keeper.