Let’s face it, we’re spoiled. We live in Southern California where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a pro skater or a private TF. It’s never more than an hour’s drive to the latest video premiere or skate party with free drinks. So last night for the Brain Wash premiere, with an extra ticket, I brought my buddy Frank Bewley. Frank is a ripping skater and has been a fan of the artform his whole life, but he doesn’t work in the skate industry in any capacity. Rarely does he get the chance to rub elbows with pro skaters and meet his heroes of yesteryear (ie Ed Templeton). Not only was I going to bring Frank to the Brain Wash premiere, I was also going to introduce him to as many members of the Toy Machine team as I could. So thanks to Leo, Johnny, Ed, Collin, and all the other dudes I had pose with this grown-ass man. You helped a little dream come true. The video wasn’t bad either.

Photos by Blair Alley


Requisite backed up line photo. Ed T was working the door.


Yeto figurehead Mike Sinclair with V-Co’s Steve Stratton in the key of low.


Frank Bewley starts off his man-fan night with none other than top cock Ed Templeton at the door!




Can’t go anywhere without seeing this gent (on the left). These two once drove down to my house in San Diego, slept on my floor all afternoon. I took them out to a bar where they relentlessly hounded females, then bolted back to Long Beach with a wake of pissed-off and broken-hearted women in their trail.


Tyrone Romero and Justin Anderson go way back in Orange County lineage.


Ed welcomes the crowd, fist-pumping ensues.


Tyrone and John Short.


Frank Bewley wasn’t too familiar with Billy Marks’ repertoire before seeing Brain Wash, afterwards, it was all thumbs up!


Daniel Duarte lives in the same building as a lot of high-profile porn stars in L.A. Eric McHenry lives in the same building as a high-profile industry star in Chino Hills.


Collin and Figgy are too young to understand grown man-fan outs. One day they’ll get it.


Freedom rock Rhoades and SP.


Frank had to double his enthusiasm to make up for this tuckered out li’l pawn.


Frank hasn’t seen Stay Gold yet, but Leo’s Brain Wash part got him hyped. Many were saying it was better!


Frank is a boxing instructor by trade. I think K-Ro wanted to sign up for lessons after meeting him.


Ladies love Ricky Webb, and ol’ Frank can’t help himself when it comes to randoming a photo op.


Frank had love for the ginger funnyman. Don’t worry Boosh, he’s living out a childhood dream, let it happen.


J-Lay was a good sport. This was about the time in the night I tried to explain to Frank that his corduroy hat and camo thermal was a wacky-ass kit to be wearing to a skate premiere. I think he was too elated to hear me, though.


Frank was even psyched to meet our ex-intern JT. Good night!