TransWorld Best Trick, Dew Tour Boston

TransWorld Best Trick Contest
At the Dew Tour

At the last minute, and seeing as the backboard/snowboard jump didn't get much love in the regular contest, we decided to whip together a TransWorld Best Trick contest for $5,000, winner take all, for single best trick. P-Rod, Sheckler, Chaz, and Decenzo were originally committed, but they were burnt out after the finals and after skating for ten hours a day for the last few days. That left the door open for a few alternates who took over their spots. Milton Martinez's nollie big spin was nothing short of ridiculous, Lopez Mont was flipping into the back board the wrong way, Fabrizio was the only one to hit the thing fakie, and it was more than apparent that Dyet grew up near the mountains. Chris Cole dropped his dork trick library to the crowd's (and my personal) delight, and even grabbed the basketball and attempted to make the shot while crossing the gap. But in the end, it was Jordan Hoffart who took the five large with the big spin heel board to fakie the wrong way across the backboard. Congrats, Jordan.—Eric Stricker

Official Competitors: Chris Cole, Adam Dyet, David Gonzalez, Nick Dompierre, Milton Martinez, Robert Lopez Mont, Rodolfo Ramos, Tyler Hendley, Fabrizio Santos, and Jordan Hoffart.

Filmed by Chris Thiessen