TransWorld Park Jam Chicago II, Photos & Story

CHICAGO PARK JAM SESSIONS II with TransWorld, Osiris, enjoi and Ball Park.

Photos by Blair Alley & Dave Chami

Last year we did it up huge in the north suburbs, but this year we set it off at Chicago’s Wilson skatepark with heads from Osiris and enjoi. What the Park Jam is, is a little nonchalant barbecue/autograph signing/skate jam—not a demo. Everyone skates, chills, gets free dogs, and even a bunch of free gear handed out by world-famous emcee/DJ C-Bot. And with the passing of our friend, coworker, and inspiration, Eric Stricker, we all donned Bears jerseys and did it all for him.

Once the grill and the generator were fired up, the Wilson skatepark was playing host to a handful of TransWorld SKATEboarding editors and photographers (Skin Phillips and Dave Chami in the house!); Osiris' Corey Duffel, Taylor Bingaman, and Caswell Berry; enjoi’s Cairo Foster and Jose Rojo; new Chicago local Silas Baxter-Neal, or as DJ C-Bot called him out, the Bonus Bro (!), came out to shred. Once again Mr. Matt Snow (and his students); Steve Fauser, Jeremiah Babb and the other local homeys came out to show love. The vibe in the Windy City was high!

Once again DJ C-Bot spun Michael McDonald's "What A Fool Believes" and a grip of other brilliant Yacht Rock jams to the amazement of all in attendance, and surely had Eric Stricker, Yacht Rock afficionado that he was, looking down with a smile.

Since it was such a hit last year, we threw another "Longest Hot Dog Ollie" contest. The Wilson park locals went nuts and two guys tied with a record-breaking 32 1/2 hot dog ollie end to end. They both got enjoi decks straight from the hands of Cairo Foster. Amazing.

Thanks again Chicago for coming out in droves to skate, have fun, and remember our brother Eric Stricker. We will see you again next year.

Watch for the video wrap-up of the days' events, filmed and edited by Chris Ray, coming soon.


Caswell Berry, 360 flip. Photos: Blair


Taylor Bingaman, high speed frontside 180 to switch crooked grind.