CHICAGO PARK JAM SESSIONS with Transworld, Osiris, and Ball Park

Photos by Blair Alley

When out-of-towner pros come to Chicago, it's most often the Wilson park on the North Side that gets all the demo love—and rightfully so as it's one damn fine, fun place to skate—but when we came to town with the Osiris crew, we thought we'd give the skateboarders in the north/northwest suburbs some love and throw a little nonchalant barbecue/autograph signing/skate jam to take advantage of the Indian summer that's been hitting the Windy City.

Once the grill and the generator were fired up, the Techny Prairie skatepark in Northbrook, Illinois was playing host to a handful of Transworld SKATEboarding editors and photographers; Osiris' James Brockman, John Rattray, and Shuriken Shannon; Affiliate Skateboards' Lavar McBride and Dax Miller; homey Ben Skrzypek; Shred Shop crew; FA SKATES posse including local legend Kirk Vondra and John Schmoldt; Wisco Weirdos mob (whaddup Marty); Team CONCH reunion crew (Mike Wexler, Curt Wilson, etc); Mr. Matt Snow (and his students); Wisconsin Thatcher; Crystal Lake ripper Chris Contesso (kickflip back Smith, 270 out to fakie on the tombstone like whoa!); and more. Even the now-world-famous Beez were buzzing about. (continued below)

On the ones and twos was DJ CBOT who—for the very first time at a skate/demo jam ever—spun Michael McDonald's "What A Fool Believes" to the amazement and appreciation of all in attendance—both young and old—who were quickly pounding the 400 free Ball Parks we brought along to grill up. When he wasn't shocking with such musical prowess, CBOT even went above and beyond the call of (and his paid) duty and threw an impromptu "Longest Hot Dog Ollie" contest. And one lucky, or shall I say SKILLED local walked away with the title which was a James Brockman Zero deck after he ollied the record 25 hot dogs end to end. Amazing.

For much of the crew, this was their first trip to Chicago, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope we're back real soon—especially as we brought the Bears their first win in a few weeks. Worst case scenario is that you see me in a few days at Wrigley. Watch for the video wrap-up of the days' events coming soon.—Eric Stricker

Shuriken Shannon, 360 flip. Photo: Blair.

John Rattray, backside flip. Photo: Blair.

Shuriken Shannon did this inward heelflip kinda far away but it was first try and it’s butters. Photo: Blair.

Osiris TM Cuong Lieng with a perfect kickflip. Photo: Blair.

Shuriken, lien to tail. Photo: Blair

From Maine to SD to Spain to Chicago, Ben Skrzypek always kills. Half Cab flip. Photo: Blair

This one had the kids sh-tting. Nollie backside heelflip, first go. Photo: Blair

Cuong, switch front pop shove. Photo: Blair

Ben Skrzypek (pronounced “Shapek”), nollie backside nosegrind revert. Photo: Blair

No one believed their eyes when Shuriken ollied the long pyramid. Photo: Blair.

The bike front flip: