TransWorld threw another banging Park Jam, this time down in steamy Miami, Florida. The crew was Sk8mafia heavy—Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao, Wes Kremer—joined by Label mate Shuriken Shannon. TransWorld‘s Mike Fitz, Jamey Stone, Chris Thiessen, and Dave Chami were in tow to capture the action and throw dogs on the BBQ. The Park Jam went off at MIA Skatepark. Check the photos below and get ready for the video tomorrow. Big thanks to Ball Park and MIA Skateshop (Ed Selego, Abe, Richard, Rene) for making this possible. We’re doing another one soon! Want one in your city?

Photos by Dave Chami


Jimmy Cao, nollie backside flip.


Jimmy Cao, nollie frontside noseslide.


Wes Kremer, frontside five-0 to fakie through the corner.


Wes Kremer, alley-oop backside kickflip.


Wes Kremer, frontside feeble through the corner.


Jimmy sweatin’ through the humidity.


‘Mafia Don DC24 and TWS’ big J Stone.


Shuriken is down with the Sk8mafia and Florida.


These homeys were ready for the product toss.



The Florida skaters know what’s up!


Jamey Stone throwing a deck in the air.



Psyched on the free gear!


The Miami skyline.


This ledge spot was tough on keeping the boards dry.


Tyler Surrey utilized one of Dave Chami’s lightstands to go fishing for his deck.


He wasn’t the only one…


Jimmy Cao lent a helping hand.


Jamey Stone, Mike Fitz, and MIA’s Ed Selego kept everyone fed and hydrated.


The whole crew came in hot! See you at the next Park Jam! Video coming soon!