TransWorld Presents: Clyde Singleton Vs. Matt Fink

Ok.. imma make this short, and sweet.. for those of you who dont know. Representing Element, DVS Shoe Co., Red Bull & Ruin Skateshop, this is Matt Fink. All bullsh!t aside. This is not only one of the most talented cats I’ve ever seen on a skateboard. But, he’s also hands down- THE most talented skater I’ve seen come out of Jacksonville, since the turn of the century. With that said. I’m more than proud to introduce this cat to the skateboard world.. And oh yeah.. This ain’t the first, or last time you gonna see this cat.. know why? because this dude has so much piFF on deck, we already working on his pt.2 that’ll be dropping later this week.. Yeah.. I said it. Yeah. We gonna be the first to do it.. You mad, Scooby? Deal with it. I’m saying. This Jacksonville. We even got my man Paten Locke to supply his newest track, for this one. Yeah. Fink. Jolli. Paten. Fukk it- Jacksonville, Fl. Atlanta, Ga. Yall gone head, and stand the fukk up.. Its pretty much, our time to shine.. Jeah!—Clyde Singleton
Filmed by: Chris Jolli
Edited by: Clyde Singleton
Music: Paten Locke, Break Thru (courtesy of Tres Records)

Photos by David Morico,

Front feeble.

Frontside nose-bluntslide.