Transworld SKATEboarding Premieres THE REASON

Reason Rea”son, n. OE. resoun, F. raison, fr. L. ratio (akin toGoth. rapj? number, account, garapjan tocount, G. rede speech, reden to speak), fr. reri, ratus, to reckon,believe, think. Cf. Arraign, Rate, Ratio,Ration. 1. A thought or a consideration offered in support of adetermination or an opinion; a just groundfor a conclusion or an action; that which is offered or accepted asan explanation; the efficient cause of anoccurrence or a phenomenon; a motive for an action or adetermination; proof, more or less decisive, for anopinion or a conclusion; principle; efficient cause; final cause;ground of argument. A skateboard video.

Transworld SKATEboarding premiered their latest video The Reason last Wednesday night in La Jolla, CA. Now I’m not going to give you a reason why this story is almost a week late, instead I thought I would give you a few reasons why you should have been there.

1. Seeing it on the big screen
2. Danny Gonzales, Gershon Mosley, Stevie Williams, Danny Montoya, Moses Itkonen, Matt Mumford and Cairo Foster breaking out with some amazing footage.
3. Free drink tickets.
4. To tell Ty Evans and Jon Holland that the video ruled.

5. Fireworks after the premiere.
6. Muska’s boombox.
7. Watching people who look like they had been utilizing their drink tickets.
8. The second official premiere at The Saloon (if you could get in).
9. “Pokemon”.

10. A product raffle which consisted of a 16 complete with Tracker trucks. 4 other sets of trackers were also raffled.

Now those are some reasons why you should have been there. Go to your local skateshop and get a copy of The Reason, that will give you reason enough to get off your computer. Actually, before you get off your computer check out some video clips .

Click Here for the Opening Montage
Click Herefor Stevie Williams
Click Here for Cairo Foster
Click Here for Gershon Mosley
Click Here for Matt Mumford
Click Here for Danny Montoya
Click Here for Moses Itkonen.