We were just sitting in our cubes at Transworld and decided we should drive north. Our excuse was to go to the Tim Brauch Memorial contest in San Jose and we would stop off along the way and skate some parks. Sounds great but nobody wants to see some crusty old men skate so we brought along some guys that people do want to see. Tom "Grom" Remillard , Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey , Jackson Pilz from Australia and special guest Raven Tershay who we picked up in Santa Cruz. The plan was to stop at Powell in Santa Barbara and meet up with Chad Bartie and Rob Washburn and get some fresh urethane and Swiss bearings, then check out the Santa Barbara park. After we skated the SB park, Aaron Astorga told us about this barrier spot we could check out on our way to Santa Cruz—thanks Aaron for heads up. Next stop, Santa Cruz. Stay tuned.—Joe Picciolo

Videography by Joe Picciolo

Photos by Skin