Transworld‘s Northern Adventure Part 2

After we skated the Santa Barbara park and got some pizza and brew, we headed off to Santa Cruz. Lucky for us we have a designated driver, "Alspark" does the driving because he doesn't drink excessively and gets car sick if he sits in the back. We got into Santa Cruz in the middle of the night and woke up to the sounds of skating. Turns out our hotel was right across the street from the skate park. Kids are out there skating at 9:00 a.m. After we got the continental breakfast with the teenage all girls soccer team, we went over to NHS and saw our boy Keith Wilson. That's where we hooked up with Neil Heddings and Raven Tershy and off to the park we went.

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Videography by Joe Picciolo

Featuring: Neil Neddings, Jamey Stone, Jackson Pilz, Tyler Surrey, Tom Grom, Emmanuel Guzman, and Raven Tershy.