Trick Tip – Nollie Big Spin Backside Disaster

By Charlie Thomas

1. First, learn to skate tranny well enough that you’re comfortable doing five-0s, tailslides, and, of course, backside disasters.

2. The setup is the key to this trick. Approach the lip with a moderate amount of speed, and right before you hit the lip, pop off the nose and shove-it your board around.

3. While your board is doing a big spin, make sure you turn your shoulders and upper body the same way you would for a backside disaster.

4. Catch the board with your feet, and prepare for impact.

5. Land in disaster, and come in as quickly as you can (think about Mark Appleyard doing this trick) by pressing on your nose to clear your back truck from the coping.

6. Ride away clean. Once you have it wired, learn it to revert for a little extra challenge.-Charlie Thomas