Trick Tip – Switch Hardflips With James Craig

Each person has their own method of doing tricks. Here’s my best attempt at describing how I do switch hardflips. First learn hardflips, then get comfortable riding switch. This one is kinda wackadocious.

1. Keep your weight centered and your shoulders parallel to your board.

2. Pop hard with your back foot, and bring your front foot up with the board.

3. As you pop, kick your back foot in front of you to get it out of the way of the flipping board.

4. Lightly flick the board with your front foot-at an angle off the nose and a little behind you. Start bringing your back foot up and waiting for the board to flip.

5. Watch the board flip under you, and have your front foot come back to its original position.

6. Catch the board with your front foot, just in case you don’t get a proper pop.

7. Try to land with your feet over the bolts or as close as possible, and get ready to absorb the impact.

8. Bend your knees-but not too much. Ride away happy or sad.