Trick Tip

Half-Cab Feeble Rewind By Chad Knight

1. You’re going to need a wide ramp to learn this one because of the wide angle you need on the approach to go up the wall. Learning how to feeble grind and half-Cab 50-50 on mini ramps is a good place to start.

2. With moderate speed, half-Cab into feeble position. Don’t put too much pressure on your front wheels or they’ll rub on the platform and you’ll come to a stop.

3. Keep your shoulders from rotating with the rest of your body so you’ll be able to turn yourself around.

4. Grind for as long as you can hold it.

5. Start roatating back, using your shoulders like you would for a frontside rock ‘n’ roll.

6. Push on your back toe to release your wheel from the lip. Now all that’s left is a front rock. Turn your head, and get blinded by Matt’s flash in your face.