TWS 10: Alternate Awards

TEN TWS Alternate Awards: From our May 2012 issue.

Words by TWS Staff

Even with eight categories, the TWS Awards still can't cover every memorable contribution to skateboarding over the course of a year. Here are 10 more to give credit where credit's due. Consider this list the Bests Beyond The Bests.

1. Best Am

Elijah kinda came out of nowhere, landed our Am Issue cover, and before you knew it, became a household name. With an all-terrain assault of 16-stair rails and backyard pools, he's one of those ams who's leading the charge for the next generation. Looks like we're in safe hands.

2. Best European Skater

With one of the smoothest styles and best trick selections in the biz, Lucas Puig's Pro Spotlight in our International Issue and corresponding Pro Spotlight Video blew our American minds. How do you say "holy shit" in French?

3. Best Surprise

Flying out the gates like a madman from hell, Australian Nick Boserio surprised the world with one of the rawest and most exciting half-parts known to man in the form of an Alien Workshop Life Splicing web clip. Watch it again. And again.

4. Best Ledge Trick

Just about every ledge trick Shane racked up in his impossibly tech NATV part could've taken the cake, but the mind-melting, quick-footed switch flip backside tailslide to switch backside270 kickflip out is straight up game changing. Just pulling a switch backside 360 kickflip deserves an award in itself.

5. Best Board Series

We chose them as our October 2011 Product Of The Month, and since then, not much has topped BA's OGs. The Girl camp let Brian Anderson go wild with a paintbrush, and we're more than glad they did.

6. Best Concept Video

Pair Mike Manzoori's highly detailed, photographic-like filming with Kyle Leeper's always stylish cruising on a rainy day, and come away with a masterpiece. Watching etnies' Rain Or Shine video made skaters everywhere pray for rain for the first time in history.

7. Best Contest Run

All the planets were aligned at Tampa Pro last year when Dennis Busenitz sped around the course nailing unthinkable tricks back to back. The warehouse was thundering with shouts and applause after his gold medal-winning 60 seconds--truly one of the best contest runs of all time.

8. Best NBD

Go ahead, roll up frontside, and try a frontside 270 to switch back lip on a curb. We dare you. The insane trick that Chris Cole unveiled in a DC ad last March had not only Cole's body spinning in awkward ways, but it had everybody's minds spinning at the same time.

9. Best Skate-Related Art Show

Etnies celebrated 25 years with a mind-blowing art show in Paris, France. Based on conceptualizing what skateboarding could be in the next 25 years, Pierre- André enlisted the work of Mike Manzoori, Yogi Proctor, video installations from French Fred and Donny Miller, animated board graphics from Natas Kaupas, photographs by Mike O'Meally, and tons more.

10. Best Photo

You could search the world and not have a more fitting spot for a Workshop rider to do a trick on. Mike O'Meally's shot of Gilbert Crockett hoisting a frontside flip for our October 2011 contents page is Skin Phillips’ pick for the year’s best.