Words by Mackenzie Eisenhour
(As seen in our May issue)

A good hardflip takes an extremely awkward motion—I speak for myself—and makes it look as natural as Apollonia in The Godfather. Like most precious things in life—you know, gold, diamonds, and a lifeboat seat on the Titanic—a good hardflip is rare. The shortest distance between points A and B might be through your legs, but it sure as hell ain't the prettiest. The following are my picks for the ten best scissors of all time.

Love Child,
World Industries, 1992
Granted, she dusts some crop before he rolls away. And the grass gap ain't Carlsbad. But you have to see beauty in any first. The first time you got laid might not have been pretty either. But you sure wouldn't leave her name off your list. Actually, you probably would. You get my point. Hardflip at 3:33

101 Section, 1996
Oh, man. The hip line opener and Lockwood picnic-table vault are just butter-dripping textbook skate nerdology. The snap and catch over the table should be mandatory Clockwork Orange styled viewing for any and all aspiring inductees to the school of hardflips. When you know mine, you'll be dead. Hardflip at 1:15

Third Eye View
, Element, 1998
I remember there being a solid decade run where Markovich pretty much manhandled the last part of any and all videos he appeared in (in this case, Barley doesn't really have a "part"). While he may not possess the most refined rendition, his blaster over the New Mexican hip should make the list on shirtless beastliness alone. Hardflip at 5:20

The Chocolate Tour
, Chocolate, 1999
Darth Mulder logged a hefty load of Chaffey footage over the years before joining Merrill Lynch in the investment hustle. Following the over-the-wall switch back tail, he just carves in at seemingly the completely wrong angle for a hardflip. And yet, scissors, son. And that's how I know my money is safe. Hardflip at 1:32

Modus Operandi, TransWorld SKATEboarding,
The opening library crusher of Ty Evans and Mike Carroll's first "work" together has not only been pegged one of the best lines of all time (five tricks, four pushes), it single-handedly relaunched the dormant am-madness of the switch front biggie, cemented the MC legacy, and as a sum total closes out with a cherry of a celebratory hardflip. Hardflip at 1:02

Really Sorry,
Flip, 2003
PJ ripped the flatground crown off skateboarding's stunned collective head with his WHL [2002] part. As far as hardflips go, I was tempted to go with the one he does to back tail in his DC introductory part [2008] where he seems to land beaming the camera. All the same, his proper form down the "Gay 12" in Really Sorry will do just fine. Hardflip at 0:20

Baker 3
, Baker, 2005
The first thing that comes to mind is that YouTube clip where he's showing Koston how "easy" they are. Seriously, dude. You don't gotta rub it in. As far as actual packaged video released clips, I'll go with the classic thirteen-stair opener in Baker 3. Herman is the uncontestable Hardflip Don. I especially like the "flip" of the board. Hardflip at 1:08

8. Jimmy Carlin
Feed The Need
, Osiris, 2007
Jimmy's building quite the reputation as a hards man. He unveiled the oft-perplexing 360 version, recently tossed it down the Dome double-set, and clearly has top-shelf mastery of the garden variety 180 type. His fifteen-stair, second-to-last trick in Feed The Need exemplifies exactly how to execute said trick to perfection. Hardflip at 2:40

And Now, TransWorld SKATEboarding, 2008
KC's favorite son, Sean Malto, is another top-shelf contender for hardflip supremacy (Carlsbad Check Outs and whatnot). Like young Jimmy in the Osiris kit, his second-to-last trick in last year's And Now is a fifteen-stair hammer. The golden-hour sunlight, the perfect minor shifty action, and the layback rollaway—he's in the book, y'all. Hardflip at 5:09

Sean Malto from Connor Ferguson on Vimeo.

Alaikit, Alai, 2008

For all you young'uns, looking for stairs and logging onto your forum, this one's out of veteran purist respect. Lebron's been holding down legitimate banged hardflips since he and Jesus Fernandez confused the local gallery of Wassup Rockers at USC a good decade ago. I was tempted to go with his picture-perfect rendition on flat in the line in Nothing But The Truth [2007]. But with a shout out to Alai, he looks just as solid cruising over the bench to can on BCN's beach spot. Si no dices la verdad por buen corazón, dila al menos por cordura. Hardflip at 5:18