olson_headerIssue 1: Having grown up as pseudo skate royalty with his old man, Steve, in Malibu, Alex Olson has a deeper knowledge of the skate video history vault then most weekend enthusiasts his age. As such, here were his passing comments upon being sent links to the following 5 classic parts. —Mackenzie Eisenhour

1) Dylan Rieder, Dylan, Gravis, '10

Alex Olson: The most handsome skater around; DYLAN! I want to know if he got best dressed in his high school yearbook? Solo parts are the best now. The front tail kickflip! Too much good stuff is happening to write down. Girls watch this part before they go out at night. The backside flip was sick over the rail. Oh, and that board slide next to the IHOP, so good! I like how the part ends with a saxophone. Unfortunately, I’ll never come out with a part that holds a candle to this.

2) Donny Barley, Welcome to Hell, Toy Machine, '96

Alex Olson: Oh man. This was one of the first videos I saw, so Classic! Sick song. Sabbath is perfect. East Coast footage just looks better then the West. This part makes me wanna skate. I seriously wanna run outside right now and just push and do ollies!

3) Gino Iannucci, Trilogy, 101, '96

Alex Olson: GINO! I always thought the 101 logo was so good. Natas plus Wu Tang. This guy is easily one of the hall of fame greats. The switch flip at Lockwood over the table was so sick! Switch backside flip! Be amazing if somebody put a demo trick in their part now! Switch back tail the gap to ledge! The best!

4) Eric Dressen, Speed Freaks, Speed Wheels, '89

Alex Olson: He’s the best. Damn, this is before he got in a fight with a tattoo gun. Power slides! The Homeless guy in Venice…Bla Bla Bla. Santa Monica!!!! I love this type of skate video. That ramp looks like a good time. METHOD GRAB TO FAKIE. Why doesn’t Eric D get the same hype as all the other older guys? I wish I were a pro back then.

5) Jason Dill, Photosynthesis, Alien Workshop, '00

Alex Olson: F–k this, I’m changing it to Photosynthesis (Alex was originally sent Jason's Mind Field ('09) part—TWS). I tried to watch Dill's Mosaic part but Spoon's label was gay and took the song off YouTube… Here we go. Can’t go wrong with Radiohead. “I want this video part…SO BAD.” I like that he uses big words and gets lost in the point he was trying to make. Super 8 footage always looks good. 180 with some Helmut Lang pants on…Really sick. Those Vita’s were the best. This part is sexual… the classic seagull shots. Nollie bs 180 was awesome. The marching down the stairs was also a good move. That kick flip on the bank was amazing. NY skate footage never gets old.

How it works: We send somebody 5 links/parts and they jot down passing comments as they watch them. Their comments are posted here, and you comment on their comments, the parts, or both.