I've had the pleasure of working with Clint for a couple of years now. I can personally attest to the fact that he's a quality character and does pretty much everything in his life with a rare degree of authentic style. He's true blue. He's also a man of few words—he's not much for filler. I always tell people when I send these links out that their text can be a single sentence or a book's worth of dissection. I'm glad Clint was the first contender to keep it short and sweet. He also sent in one hell of a photo. —Mackenzie Eisenhour

Raymond Molinar, Inhabitants, Habitat, '08

Clint Peterson: Raymond Is Insane. The switch front crooks in Spain kills it. New soundtrack from Elevator Jams vol. #9?

Jason Lee, A Visual Sound, Stereo, '94

Clint Peterson: J Lee! The Fakie 360 flip in the line at the beginning is definitely the best one ever done. The steez in the ollie up that curb is nuts. This part is truly classic—timeless, and a gift to skateboarding.

Scott Bourne, The Strongest of the Strange, Pontus Alv, '05

Clint Peterson:
Beware of the average man.  Well Played Scott.

Lucien Clarke, This Time Tomorrow, Chris Mulhern, '10

Clint Peterson:
Lucien. Butter nollie flip and a smooth fade. Killin’ it.

Dennis Busenitz, Diagonal, Adidas, '10

Clint Peterson:
My God. What can be said? Skate Faster.

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