TWS Candid Comments: Josiah Gatlyn

josiah_marqueeJosiah has been through a lot for a guy who entered skateboarding a total unknown three years back. I suppose in addition to speeding up life in general and shortening attention spans, the Internet can also be credited with some hyper accelerated career arcs. A couple of years wiser to the game, and with a new potential spot on Zero, Josiah remains as humble and friendly a guy as ever. In fact, he wanted me to make sure I reiterate that the following parts are the ones I sent him for comments, just in case you thought he had picked out his own 2010 part for showcasing. That said--here's Josiah Gatlyn's Fall 2011 run at the Comments. --Mackenzie Eisenhour

Cairo Foster, The Reason, TWS, '00

Josiah Gatlyn: Remember when I played Cairo in BATB2? Yeah I really blew it with that one. First when I picked his name out of that hat, I miss-pronounced his name by accident. I said “Caryio” or something like that. Second, when I actually played him, it was my first BATB game ever and I got super nervous and ended up doing 3 double flip tricks. After the game was over I was seriously scared that Cairo was going to hate me forever. But then over a year later we went on this RVCA trip to Miami together and he was the nicest dude ever. So it was really a big relief. He’s a really awesome dude and I have a lot of respect for him. He’s definitely put in his time. I remember when The Reason first came out; I couldn’t believe that he nollie heel flipped straight over that ledge at Pier 7. That’s insane. This is an amazing part, especially the last 2 tricks.

Tom Asta, Color Theory, Mystery, '11

Josiah Gatlyn: I remember seeing old footage on YouTube back in the day of Asta skating a Woodward park. He had such a good style for being so young. Really awesome seeing him turn pro for such a sick company as Mystery. I’ve never gotten a chance to go to the Love fountain, but I can imagine switch heel and switch fs heel is insane down that thing!

Josiah Gatlyn, 2010 Full Part, Usko Collective, '10

Josiah Gatlyn: Man, there is a lot to say about this part because a lot went on in my life while filming for it. But I'll try to keep it short. Basically I had just moved to Florida, had no job, no license, no car and no money. I eventually got my license, and actually had a 97′ Ford Explorer given to me by this guy at the local church. Which was one of the nicest things anybody has ever done for me. I was doing skate lessons at the local park for money and also interning at a design firm. So my schedule was wake up at 6:30am, be at design firm by 7am, work until 3pm, and then do a skate lesson for an hour. And then go film around 5pm. And then wake up the next day and do it again. I worked really hard to make this part happen. What a lot of people don’t know is that this was basically my Stereo part for their video that was supposed to come out. But at the time Stereo was going through a weird phase, and I didn’t really even know what was going on. But I was still filming and still trying to get a video part done. I was really frustrated that nothing was happening with the video, so I just ended up putting this part out myself. I’m really stoked it got a lot of views, but at the same time it sucks that I couldn’t have put it out with a company. I feel like it’s really important to put out a video part with a legit company. It’s kind of like a stamp of history in your career. That chapter in my life is over, but hopefully I will be able to film another full part for Cold War.

Keegan Sauder, Strange World, Zero, '10

Josiah Gatlyn: Sometimes when I watch people skate and I've never seen their personality before, I try to figure out what they might be like in person. And from watching Keegan skate he looks like the type of dude who would shotgun a beer and then ride off on his motorcycle in a spiked leather jacket. You know, super bad ass type stuff. Cause he skates like a mad man. So before I went on the Zero/DGK tour recently I had all these ideas of what Keegan would be like. But let me tell you, he’s the nicest and most humble dude you’ll ever meet. Love that guy, he’s freaking awesome. This part was one of my favorites in Strange World. That noseblunt at 1:59 is nuts!

Jamie Thomas, Chomp On This, TWS, '02

Josiah Gatlyn: Oh snap! It’s da Chief!!! Man, this part is all types of awesome. When I was a little kid I use to wear bandanas out of my back pocket all the time. I even made this makeshift handrail off the front deck of my house so I could lipslide it. Jamie was definitely an inspiration when I was a kid. Hoody Hoo!

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