louie_marqueeEverybody loves Louie. Or they should. I've been a steadfast fan since he skated to A-Ha's "Take on Me" in Man Down ('01). Creativity and fun have always been critical ingredients in skateboarding's overall package. And Barletta has always been chock full of both. Here's what he sent back for the following 5 links.—Mackenzie Eisenhour

1) Steve Caballero, Ban This, Powell Peralta, '89

Louie Barletta: Cabbie. Such an epic dude. I have to honest though, when Ban This came out my friend had it and he was a huge Ray Barbee fan. We would always watch Ray's part and then skate the curb cut in front of his house.

2) Ben Raemers, Welcome Video, enjoi, '09

Louie Barletta: Ahhh… To be young and innocent again.

3) Ocean Howell, Next Generation, H-Street, '91

Louie Barletta: I’m sure you couldn’t tell but Ocean was a huge influence on me. He was such an innovator, this part in particular. There are a few tricks from this part that I had up on my walls. The first time I saw him in real life I was riding his board. So embarrassed, but he was the coolest dude to me. Years later I got to know him a little and man, dude has the coolest life résumé… Truly inspiring. Ride on Ocean.

4) Jerry Hsu, B Side, Stay Gold, '11

Louie Barletta: I don’t like this part. I skated only a few times with him while he was filming the Emerica vid. He really went through a bad luck streak there. It's like he would be healing and then hurt something else. I’ve been to the hospital maybe 20 times my whole life. 17 of those have been taking Jerry there. When Heath eats shit, it’s like “Yeah! That’s gnarly” 'cause i don't know him. I'm not concerned with whether or not he is going out skating tomorrow. But when I see Jerry slam, I don't know, who wants to watch their friend trainwreck their body for 3 minutes?

5) Thrashin' (French Version), Wild In the Streets Scene, '86

Louie Barletta: Ha, classic one. At the video store we had 3 choices for skate videos—Police Academy 3, Thrashin’, and Vision Psycho Skate. Police Academy had the guy who made funny sounds with his mouth and Lance Mountain, Thrashin’ had the Alva team and Hosoi, and Psycho Skate had um, berets and spandex. I like Lance, so that’s where my 3 bucks usually went.

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