Matt Miller has had a rather impressive run. Growing up to ride for the same companies as your biggest childhood heroes is an amazing thing any which way you slice it. With some nitro pop and technical proficiency on par with pretty much anyone in the game, Miller took some time out from changing what is possible on a skateboard to comment on some of his friends' classic or recent parts.

Josh Kalis, Peep This, Zoo York, '99

Matt Miller: Stevie footy has always been inspiring! Kalis is a boss! Its crazy that I grew up a big Kalis fan and now he is like fam. Someone should put together a video of all the clips from Love that Kalis has ever had. That would be a video i would watch to get hyped everyday! That kickflip at the end is hella flavorful!

Wes Kremer, Skateboarding is Forever, DC, '10

Matt Miller:
Wes kills the game! A bunch of us DC homeys pretty much have a language that people would be confused if they heard it. Wes is one of the creators and speaks it well! Not much to say but straight rawness!

Joey Pepper, Madness Remix, Expedition One, '11

Matt Miller:
Joey has such a good style! You can see it in the roll ups to tricks! He did so many tricks on the fountain ledge in SF in the past. The best thing was waking up in the morning to my board completely under water in the bathtub on a trip! Frontside hurricane on the wall was gnar boots!

Rob Welsh, Free Your Mind, TWS, '04

Matt Miller: This part brings back a lot of good memories from Pier 7 days! I bet rob still has that camouflage jacket! One of my favorite parts, especially when i was a young buck! I used to have the duty of “water boy” a while back. This was the doings of Welsh. The rule was that "I fly and they buy!" It was a good way to eat and drink for free if you're a broke ass kid!

Enrique Lorenzo, Bits and Pieces, Expedition One, '11

Matt Miller:
Enrique is a wizard on his board! Switch front shove front crook revert was insane! I have always been amazed at what he can do on a board! When i grew up i would always see the tightest footy of Enrique and he just keeps getting better and better! He’s a real G for sure! Plus he has the illest dog ever, Panda.