TWS Candid Comments: Nestor Judkins

nestor_cc_marqueeIssue 2: Like young Olson in Issue 1, Nestor appreciates the finer things in life. As he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming Not Another Transworld Video part along side Theotis, Shane, Manderson, and Wes Kremer, I sent him the following five parts/links for comments. His insight proved more than satisfactory. Stay classy, Los Gatos. --Mackenzie Eisenhour

Marc Johnson, Modus Operandi, TWS, '00

Nestor Judkins:
I love the intro – Marc playing dress up and writing on the pad of paper. I remember watching this part so many times when it came out, with all the footage from when he lived in San Jose. My friends and I would watch this then take the bus to go skate these spots. This is one of those parts that is innovative yet still fun to watch. Marc balances that perfectly. I always wonder what was going on when be back tails past his portrait.

Felipe Gustavo, Vandalism, Plan B '10

Nestor Judkins:
Whoa, I've never seen his footage before. Have I been living under a rock? Is this 2011?  My head is seriously spinning. I feel like I should go apply for a job making coffee or something because at least that is still easy. Want it black? Cream and sugar? Makes sense.

Danny Brady/ Nick Jensen, Fully Flared, Lakai, '07

Nestor Judkins:
I'm a huge fan of these guys. This is my favorite part in the video; rad skating, good Brit Pop song. I love the way London looks in footage, and it's amazing to even get footage there because it's always raining. Ok, after watching this maybe I won't quit skating, it looks fun.

Ed Templeton, Welcome to Hell, Toy Machine, '96

Nestor Judkins:
Yes! Ed is the best. I wanted that board he skated on the cover of Welcome to Hell so bad – the one with the glasses. Videos from this time rule because you can hear the skating. You hear the boardslide and the grinds. And that noseblunt he does- make that ledge talk!

Jose Rojo, Bonus Round, Tiltmode, '08

Nestor Judkins:
Jose gets so much shit! If you know him, you can't help but laugh. Damn Otis! Good smooth song for a buttery ass skater. Jose looks damn good on his board. I was taking a nap in the grass and woke up right when he did that backtail down Stanford.

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