paul-shier-marqueePaul has been a quality act in skateboarding on both sides of the Atlantic for well over a decade now. And through it all you'd be hard pressed to find a single sad soul with something bad to say about him. He's one of the genuine good guys, with a tre flip for the ages and the wit to match. He took a minute out from helping run Blueprint along with his still dizzying travel schedule to sit through and comment on the following parts. Cheers Paul. —Mackenzie Eisenhour

Kenny Reed, Static 2: The Invisibles, Josh Stewart, '04

Paul Shier: One of favorite skaters right here. A good friend for many years and a crazy housemate for a good while in Spain. This part has so many good memories for me as I watch it, a lot of them actually being drinking street beers/wine and skating in the magical city of Barcelona in the early 2000’s. I am sure a lot of skateboarders out there can relate to that place at that time. Looking back I also like that there was a little Popwar homage section in there with (Jon) Newport and Raymond (Molinar), that still remains to be one those companies that should have made it through the hard times. I can remember doing that postcard intro at the time and being not too sure how I felt about it. Luckily though Josh worked his magic and it turned out not making us look too bad and is kind of funny! Haha! Funny days, amazing times and traveling around was at an all time high right here. You can't f–k with that back 50-50, front crook or back smith either. Bang Bang.

Nick Trapasso, And Now, TWS, '08

Paul Shier: Backing this part for sure—tie-dye shirts, John Lennon and an effortless style make it a winner to me. First try on that frontside 5-0 at the end too is f–king gnarly.

Lee Smith, Lost Tape, 48 Blocks, '08

Paul Shier: One of the nicest dudes to ever be in skateboarding right here. I do not actually remember when this came out or if I even saw it when it did but I am always stoked to see Lee footage. Classically representing S.F and L.A right here from the Pier to Courthouse, with a little splash of Lloyds in Bristol. When was all this filmed though? Is this the City Stars or Santa Cruz era? Answers on a postcard please.

Casey Rigney, Casey Rigney Promo, Arcade, '11

Paul Shier: Casey has some of the biggest snaps in the game right now and this is a sick little promo. The switch ollie up the block at the beginning is absolutely bananas. I guess he gets all that pop from his Cirque de Soliel training or something. The New York courthouse trick!!!!WOW!!

Curtis McCann, Celebrity Tropical Fish, Powell Peralta, '91

Paul Shier: This really takes me back—a legend to me right here. Curtis was the guy that when I was growing up skating in London was murdering absolutely everything. Styles for miles. I believe this was his last part for Powell before he got on Underworld Element and exploded into the world. It is funny when you look back at old video parts like this and notice that they were just filmed in a day or 2. That never occurred to me back then. Seems everyone had it a little easier back then. Amazing part that I probably watched religiously everyday before going skating trying to work out how he did a back 180 stalefish. Curtis for the win.

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