zach-lyons-marqueeSkateboarding needs more dudes like Zach. He's not prone to take things too seriously and is a student of the school of OG street skating—an art form sometimes lost in our present day of TF-dom and stair counters. As the formula goes, I sent him these 5 parts for some random opinions. He sent back the longest comments to date. Sweet. —Mackenzie Eisenhour

1) Walker Ryan, Zach and Walker's Concrete Jungle, Organika, '08

Zach Lyons: The Ginger! Had I known I was going to be sharing a video with this almost 7-minute epic video part I probably would have quit because this jerk made me look like a jerk! What's up with this part?!? We get it, you are really good! There is really nothing bad to say about it. I guess the songs maybe? JK, it's just really good. I wasn’t around for pretty much any of it because I was back East and he was at school filming all the time. But hat is off to you Walker. This part is nuts!

2) Tim O'Connor, Underachievers, Eastern Exposure, '96

Zach Lyons: I love this part… and this guy! And this video! The opening line—long lens in the street at night, the song, the nollie halfcab heel over the bench, the hurricane on the big ledge, and of course Quim's f–king awesome line!!! I remember reading someplace Tim saying that he wasn’t really trying when filming this and the footy in it is basically just how he was skating at the time, which is really cool and how it should be. But if this was him not trying his hardest I would like to see what this would have been like if he had! I feel like this kind of part is the complete opposite of modern day parts. Cheesy Indy emo songs and tons of shots of the dude smiling, shitty spots lit up, doing the same trick as everyone else that month, this is just some sick hip hop and street skating. No dramatic emo slow mo bullshit here.

Sean Sheffey, A Reason for Living, Santa Cruz/SMA, '90

Zach Lyons: This part is before my time in skateboarding and DC, but it is so great!! I love the way he skates. I would love to be able to skate like that. Just fast as possible and raw as shit!! I’ve heard stories from all the OG DC guys about Sean just terrorizing everything in his path, full speed ahead no matter what's about to happen. Street skating at is best!

Zack Lyons, HiFi Intro, HiFi Wheels, '09

Zach Lyons: Oh boy, damn this guy kills it!!!!! So this was me and Rory Sheridan (of Behind the Griptape and Rattler fame) and Allen Danze (Belly of the Beast video) trying to make a welcome video/online bullshit video a little less cliché. I notice my pants look kinda tight in the line with the switch 5-0? Also I would just like to say I had grinded a bunch of those better but didn’t land the switch backside flip after 🙁 Also thanks to my girlfriend for being in the video, notice she has HiFi earrings on, and not to be all Josiah on you but she makes them at 🙂

Bobby Worrest, Right Foot Forward, TWS, '09

Zach Lyons: Bobby the Worrest. I just want to say thanks to Bobby for letting me have a trick in his part and having it next to Van's. It means a lot. This was Bobby before rockabilly Bobby (he bought a motorcycle thus the nick name) and just another case of him coming out with a part where its like “Wow. When did you film all of that?” I can honestly say it's my favorite part in the video. Straight forward skateboarding. He is a Natural. When he wants to he can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to on a skateboard. Plus look at all those tats and graffiti! So cool!

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