Tyler Price: Online Exclusive Interview

Interview By Adam Crew

Birthplace: Fort Collins, Colorado¿¿

How old are you: 20¿¿

Sponsors: Darkstar (flow), C1RCA, Fourstar (flow), Sol Skateboard Shop and Denver Shop¿¿

Do you work out? In the bedroom or on my skateboard?¿

What makes it so easy for you too fall asleep standing up? Beer.

¿¿How does it feel to be a flow man? I’m gettin old, it sucks—Nah, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m happy and having a hell of a time doin’ it. But I’m just gonna keep skating and not give up for the same reason that I started. For the love of it.¿¿

Favorite place you’ve been to skate? I would have to say Albequerque or Phoenix. Mad spots in both places. But Albuquerque is less blown out for sure.¿¿

Usually I skate with: Toebock crew. “Da infamous illa.” Denver shop crew and my Sol homeys.

So if skating doesn’t work, out are gonna pursue meterology (weatherman)? Yeah, that’s the plan. Predicting the weather is dumb sh-t anyways. They’re normally wrong half the time so my guess is as good as theirs pretty much.¿¿¿¿

TOP 3’s

Spots: Anywhere I’m having a good time skating.

Music: Mainly hip hop and classic rock.

Skaters: My homeys.

Video parts: Cale Nuske’s part in Bon Appetit¿.

Movies: Anything gangster¿.

Drinks: Anything cheap or free¿.

Thanks/last words: Thanks to Adam Crew for all the help and to all my homeys who motivate me to go out and try new things all the time. And thanks to my family and my girl for all the support.

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