Under The Radar: Photos & Videos Of Underground Favs

Under The Radar
Here are a few photos and video links to some of my favorite dudes who fly under the radar

Photos and Words by Dave Chami

Jimmy Lannon, Frontside Noseslide

Holding it down for Florida, Jimmy’s Last of the Mohicans part is killer, but my favorite has to be his part in Westside skate shop’s vid The Good Life, just can’t beat that Group Home track. Check them both out:

Paul Trep, Switch Frontside Flip

Paul Trep
One of the gnarliest dudes around, this RDS commercial appears as a bonus feature on the Hallelujah DVD, just some throw away footage I guess, must be nice…

Ryan Lay, Wallie

Ryan Lay
He’s got a full video part up his sleeve that I can’t wait to see but for now here’s a short promo clip that he released via Ipath:

Jon Nguyen, Backside Smith Grind

Jon Nguyen
Keeping it smooth in the Bay Area, Jon holds a long back Smith. Check out his joint part with Jon Choi from Tiltmode Army’s Bonus Round and this promo clip via Revolution wheels:

Evan Kinori, Backside 180 Nosegrind

Keeping the Rasa Libre flame lit, Evan Kinori is probably the most under the radar on this list. He has a handful of tricks in these clips, but for more you’ll have to get yourself a copy of Rasa’s new vid Essence of Freedom

Matty Hunt, Frontside Boardslide Pop Out

Matty Hunt
I guess growing up in the same town as Duffel is bound to shape you into being pretty fearless, here’s some proof:

Jeremy Tuffli, Frontside Wallride Revert

Jeremy took a break from studying engineering this summer to perfect his spanish wallride reverts, here’s some more shredding via Jivaro wheels:

Nathan Porter, Backside 50-50 to Backside Tailslide

Can’t beat the quick feet, Nathan Porter is like a cat, if you missed this one recently here it is again:

Tyler Surrey, Crooked Grind Bigspin

How hot is the ‘Mafia right now! Tyler’s part in the Sk8mafia Am Video is one of the reasons why: